State Rep. Jay DeBoyer (R) is claiming House Speaker Joe Tate banned American flags from the House floor amid debate over extra protections for transgender Michiganders and increased gun control.

Several Democrats displayed pride flags on their desk, which prompted state Rep. Matt Maddock (R) to hoist a 4×6 American flag on his:

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As Democrats turned their sights to gun control, additional reps, including Reps. Steve Carra (R) and Neil Friske (R), wanted to post large American flags from their desks. But according to DeBoyer, they were prevented from doing that:


“The Speaker of the House has given specific instructions to the Sergeant at Arms that these American Flags are not allowed on the House Floor while Democrats attempt to take away gun rights,” DeBoyer wrote. “However LGBT flags were allowed while voting on the most recent civil rights bill earlier today…… can’t make this stuff up.”

The photo DeBoyer posted appeared to show Carra and Friske holding flags in the House lobby and a Sergeant at Arms blocking their way.

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Democrats are pursing several new gun laws, including so-called universal background checks, red flag laws, and storage regulations.