Police were called on parents who voiced concerns about a planned cell phone tower atop an elementary school in Wyandotte.

Video posted by ABC 7 reporter Alex Bozarjian shows unseen parents interrupting a school official, identified as superintendent Catherine Cost, who threatened to order one of them to leave after “multiple outbursts”. Watch:

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The 5G tower had been approved to be installed on top of Washington Elementary in 2018, but was paused when schools were closed during the pandemic. Administrators are now looking to resume the plan, which reportedly will bring in $1,000 in revenue per month to the school.

Washington Elementary generates roughly $7 million per year (or $585,676 per month) in per-pupil funding, according to financial information from the federal Department of Education and student census data. The cell phone tower revenue would increase the school’s funding by less than two-tenths of one percent.

Another video showed police officers moving into the room as parents departed and some shouted:

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“The only thing this district did not consider is the health of our kids and our staff members,” parent Josh Castmore said, according to WXYZ.

Wyandotte Superintendent Catherine Cost clashed with parents who demanded answers before finally saying she was going to “push pause for 5 minutes” on the meeting, Fox 2 reported.

“We do need to find out when this tower is becoming operational, parent Alexandria Cotner said. “Our goal for this meeting was to get a pause, please. We need a pause until all the information is gathered, all of our questions answered.”

When parents wouldn’t comply with Cost’s demands, she ended the meeting. Police were called and parents and the media were ordered to leave.

“Do you have anything to say to the media about this?” a Fox 2 reporter asked Cost.

“I’m disappointed in our parents,” Cost replied. “This was designed to be informational and some people took over – and it is not a productive information conveyance. So we will try it again at a later date.”

Fox 2 followed up, “But do you understand why they’re upset?”

“No comment,” Cost responded.

Parent Castmore said he intends to file a lawsuit to stop the tower from being built.