U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D) has released her first post-announcement video and it features her eating.

“I’ve got to like, roll up my sleeves,” she said with a grimacing laugh, preparing to tuck in.

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Slotkin kicked off her campaign for Senate with a so-called “listening tour” as establishment Democrats seek to clear the field for her.

The congresswoman — recently nicknamed “Baghdad Betty” by veteran reporter Charlie LeDuff — visited Hygrade Deli to eat the food, ignoring Detroit’s crime epidemic and never-ending poverty.

LeDuff threatened to run against Slotkin due to her record during the Iraq War and “resume loaded with failure.”

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“I had the corned beef sandwich and that’s their, like, classic,” Slotkin confessed.

“As you can see, I could only eat half of it,” she said, holding it up for the camera, “because I have to actually function today.”

Mlive reported Slotkin is focusing on a “kitchen-table message” and she defended announcing her campaign so early.

“I don’t want to my first conversation with people to be right on the eve of the election, where I’m meeting them and asking for their vote in the same conversation,” she said.

“I just sit, shut my mouth and ask them what they want out of a senator, what issues they care about, what keeps them up at night,” Slotkin said of her tour, which also included Flint. “Later, we’ll have the conversation about whether I might convince them to vote for me, but that shouldn’t be the first conversation.”