U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D) appeared stunned and indignant Monday when an anti-war protester challenged her support of funding for the war in Ukraine.

Tlaib joined new Wayne County health director Abdul El-Sayed to discuss “environmental justice” and had little time to answer for the carnage occurring in eastern Europe.

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Tlaib, El-Sayed, and state Sen. Stephanie Chang (D) looked unamused as an attendee apparently broke the rules and asked a question verbally instead of submitting it on a card.

“Any place you could get more money for the Wayne County region, that it would come from the $100 billion that we sent to Ukraine to fight a war, which I can’t imagine if we’re talking about monied interests, big lobbying groups that there wouldn’t be more of an effort to go after that,” the man said.

As the attendee raised concerns about the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline, Tlaib lifted up her glasses and rubbed her eyes, appearing indifferent to his opinions.

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“You, congresswoman, have not voted against the funding of Ukraine,” he continued, as Tlaib audibly guffawed and the audience began to turn on him.

“And so my question is,” he continued and another attendee shouted, “Write it down!”

As the man continued to calmly ask his question, El-Sayed cut him off and said, “We really appreciate the input and thank you for your care and consideration. We have a process that we’ve been following. I think your question is a very important one. It’s not really the space, right?” motioning to the meeting room. “It’s kind of out of context. There are a lot of important questions. We’re not trying to answer them here so we’re talking about specifically environmental justice, specifically in this region,” El-Sayed continued, speaking over the question.

“Really appreciate your question and appreciate your care on the issue,” El-Sayed said, feigning sincerity. “We’re not actually going to take it because there was a whole process here that we’d really appreciate you respected. So thank you for your questio. Really appreciate it.”

“So you’re not going to answer my question?” the man replied.

“Not the right venue, not the right time, not the right space. Thank you so much,” El-Sayed said.

As Tlaib sat motionless, El-Sayed attempted to move onto the next question.

“Where is the dignity? Where is the honesty? When are you going to tell the truth? This is a lie that you’re allowing to continue to be told at the expense of your own constituency. Think of the $100 billion that could be going to Detroit, could be going to Dearborn,” the man said.

El-Sayed seemed to lose his patience and engaged him further.

“I tried to say it kindly,” El-Sayed interjected. “Everybody focus on me. Focus on me,” he continued, waving his hand. Tlaib then cut him off and tried to move onto another question.

As the event was concluding, another attendee asked Tlaib if she would be supporting a resolution to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Tlaib watched the woman, put away her microphone, and talked to an aide.

“Why are people ignoring this? People are dying in your name!” the woman shouted, saying she would visit Tlaib’s office.