Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) loves sunshine: The California kind, that is. Not so much in Michigan government.

Details about Whitmer’s secret trip to San Diego while hundreds of thousands of Michiganders went without power remain hidden, despite it being Sunshine Week.

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The Midwesterner exclusively reported Whitmer snuck out of the state in early March to vacation in southern California. The governor’s office refused numerous requests for more information, including length, destination, or purpose of the trip, sources tell us.

In response, conservative advocacy group Michigan Rising Action filed a Public Records Request with the City of San Diego to obtain documents related to Whitmer’s getaway. Specifically, the organization wanted to confirm that the police department had been involved in her security.

The City rejected Michigan Rising Action’s request, not saying such records didn’t exist, but that they were “Not Released – Withheld.”

The City said it did not have records responsive to several individuals, including the police chief, assistant chief, the public information officer, or a threat management unit representative, but that it did have them for the “executive protection detail,” and it was refusing to release them. The person who made the “decision to withhold the records” is Lt. Juan Sanchez, the person whose records were requested.

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Whitmer’s trip coincided with a second major winter storm to hit southeast Michigan, knocking out power to more than 300,000 customers, or an estimated 650,000 Michiganders.

“While Gretchen Whitmer snuck off on vacation, again, much of our state was left without power in a winter storm,” Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Sarah Anderson told The Midwesterner. “Whether she was fundraising for her presidential campaign or just soaking up the sun, it’s clear that her interests come first and Michiganders are left in the cold and stuck footing the bill.”