Green Charter Township trustees endured a verbal pummeling Tuesday night from constituents irate over plans to bring a Chinese Communist Party-linked battery plant to the rural community.

Township Supervisor James Chapman and the trustees are working with Gotion High-Tech, a China-based company looking to open its first battery plant in the United States. The project was kicked off by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

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Local opposition has been growing as Chapman and elected leaders become more steadfast in their determination to make the project become a reality.

Numerous speakers berated the board, saying they are “disappointed” in their decisions and lack of listening to the community. Others criticized Trustee Dale Jernstadt over his ownership of a 72-acre property that is slated to be purchased by Gotion for the project.

One woman singled out Jernstadt for criticism, “Dale, you can snicker, you can throw the papers under your desk. But, you know what? We all know what you are.”


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“What a bitch,” he said to Trustee James Peek, sitting back with arms crossed.

Another woman lamented her past votes for the trustees:

“Too bad,” Jernstadt replied.

Residents said they are planning a recall of the entire township board and a referendum on the board’s decision to bring the plant former ambassadors say poses a national security risk.