The Joe Biden administration and other progressive Democrats have attempted to perpetuate a narrative that there is an “epidemic” of violence against black transgender people that is rooted in bigotry and racism.

“Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said recently.

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“When we say black lives matter, that must include black trans lives,” U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D) recently said on the House floor.

Joe Biden argued ending trans deaths was a key reason to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

“We’ve already had five, just this year, five black transgender women killed violently in 2019 — that’s outrageous. It must, it must, it must end,” Biden said in June 2019, CNN reported.

“And the fastest way to end it is, end the Trump administration,” he added.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) went so far as to attribute the killings to “white supremacy”.

Human Rights Campaign memorializes killings of people who identify as transgender to make the case that there is an “epidemic of violence” against them.

As is often the case, the rhetoric belie the facts.

The Midwesterner reviewed every case publicized by HRC over the last four years and made the following findings:

In the 100 highlighted cases, of the suspects identified:

  • 60 were black
  • 2 were white
  • 1 was Latino

In other words, black suspects accounted for 95 percent of black trans murders.

Additionally, 2021 – Joe Biden’s first year in the presidency – had the most cases, 36, despite his assertion that defeating the Trump administration would end trans murders. There were 22 in 2022, 21 in 2020 and 20 in 2019, according to the HRC listings.

Perhaps the highest profile murder so far in 2023 has been that of Rasheeda Williams, a black trans performer who went by the name Koko Da Doll. Atlanta police say 17-year-old Jermarcus Jernigan, a black man, shot Williams April 18. He is charged with Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, CBS News reported. According to Fox 5, Jernigan turned himself in.

Black Trans Deaths in 2022

HRC highlighted the case of Mar’Quis “MJ” Jackson, a black “transgender man,” was found beaten December 14 in North Philadelphia and succumbed to injuries. Earlier this year, Charles Mitchell, a 40-year-old black man, was identified as the alleged killer, Fox 29 said.

Deshazo Howard, who went by Destin, a 23-year-old black “transgender woman,” was found shot in a Macon, Georgia parking lot, WMAZ reported. A suspect has not been identified.

That is also the case in the murder of Shahere “Diamond” Jackson-McDonald, also of Philadelphia, who was shot “multiple times” on Thanksgiving Day in his mother’s apartment.

“Diamond makes the 35th violent killing of a transgender or gender non-conforming person in 2022. This epidemic of violence and murder against transgender women, especially transgender women of color, must end. We deserve the right to live, without the fear of thinking we won’t make it to see forty,” Tatyana K. Woodard said in a news release from District Attorney Larry Krasner. The DA claimed “black trans women like Jackson-McDonald are victims of violence at disproportionately high rates,” linking to the HRC website.

25-year-old black “trans woman” Tiffany Banks was shot and killed October 1 in Miami. A man was arrested four days later and charged with second-degree murder. He was not identified.

Semaj Sincere Billingslea, a 33-year-old black “trans man” was found shot “multiple times” in the parking lot of a Baymont by Wyndham hotel in Jacksonville in mid-September, according to News 4. A suspect has not been named, but that didn’t stop the media or trans advocates from speculating.

“Right now, there’s no word on whether this was a hate crime, we’ve reached out to JSO to see if Semaj’s gender transition had any role in the killing and are waiting to hear back,” CBS 47 reported.

“Devastated to hear of yet another trans sibling killed in Florida this year,” National Black Justice Coalition Deputy Executive Director Victoria Kirby York said in a statement. “Between their deaths and the recent wave of anti-Black and anti-LGBTQ+/SGL legislation in the state, our community is suffering. People are going out of their way to harm us. More must be done to protect the Black trans community.”

York linked a solution to the 2022 election.

On August 29, the 35-year-old black “transgender woman” Regina “Mya” Allen was picked up at a gas station and later shot by 31-year-old white man Clayton Hubbird, according to CBS 58. He was charged with first-degree reckless homicide.

Dede Ricks, a 33-year-old black “transgender woman” from Ohio, was allegedly shot to death by 31-year-old Deontae Antoine Close, a black man, WXYZ reported. Close is charged with second degree murder.

“We must strongly reject tropes labeling LGBTQ citizens as groomers and pedophiles, because that is precisely the reason why these crimes are escalating,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said after Close’s arrest, according to WDET. She didn’t provide any evidence about his motive.

On July 25, police say 28-year-old black “trans woman” Hayden Davis was shot multiple times and left on a Detroit sidewalk, Fox 2 said. As of November 2022, no suspect had been identified.

Denzell D. Swan, a 29-year old black “trans woman” who also went by Kandii Redd and Kamila Marie Swan, was killed July 24 in Kansas City, Missouri, ABC 9 and Yahoo reported. Police arrested 28-year-old Marvin McClenton for allegedly stabbing Swan and charged him with second degree murder, the Kansas City Star reported. A listing on for a previous crime indicated McClenton is a black man.

Keshia Chanel Geter, 26-year-old black “transgender woman,” was killed outside an Augusta, Georgia hotel on July 20. Police say 22-year-old Jaquarie Allen, a black man, shot Geter after an argument, according to Fox 57. Allen was charged with murder and the possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Chicago police say Daniel Burley, a 31-year-old black man, murdered his partner, 30-year-old Marquell Newman, a black “trans woman” on July 11, Chicago Journal reported.

Paris Lee, a black “transgender woman” known as Kitty Monroe was allegedly killed by 29-year-old Samuel Ward Jr., a black man, according to NBC 5. Ward is charged with voluntary manslaughter, ABC 24 reported, after police say the two struggled over a gun and Ward shot Lee to death.

Makhari Seven Gasaway, a 20-year-old black man, reportedly confessed to killing Brushawn Shawmayne McClam, a black “transgender woman” who went by Shawmayné Giselle Marie, in the victim’s Gulfport, Mississippi apartment, Magnolia State Live said. Gasaway was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault, WLOX reported.

Milwaukee police say Devon Gildart, a black “trans woman” who went by Brazil Johnson, was killed in the middle of the night June 15 and found in the street. “For someone to do that so many times, that’s just hateful, so I’m looking at it like that’s just total hate,” the victim’s mother, Bernita Gildart, told CBS 58. A suspect has not been identified.

Albany, New York 30-year-old Ahsid Hemingway-Powell, a black “trans woman,” was found dead in June following a welfare check, Spectrum News 1 reported. Police have charged 26-year-old Iaeir Robinson, a black man, with Powell’s with second-degree murder, NBC 13 said. Robinson pleaded not guilty.

Miami-Dade Police don’t have a suspect in the death of Nedra “Sequence” Morris, a black “transgender woman,” in May, NBC 6 reported. Morris was shot and dumped in the street, and police were “looking for a 2017 Jaguar F-PACE that left the scene.”

17-year-old Kamari Mitchell, a black “trans woman” who went by Ariyanna, was shot and killed April 2 in Hampton, Virginia, according to WAVY. Police have charged 19-year-old Norfolk resident Jimmy Leshawn Williams, a black man, with murder, the news site said.

Jamii Parker, a black “trans woman” who identified as Miia, was shot and killed in Chester, Pennsylvania in May. Police charged 38-year-old Saad Najeed Dwight, a black man, with criminal homicide, third-degree murder, and possession of a firearm not to be carried without a license, CBS News reported.

A black “trans woman” going by Kenyatta “Kesha” Webster was found dead in Jackson, Mississippi, according to NBC 3. Police have not identified a suspect.

Tommie Whetstone, a 33-year-old black “trans woman” Chicago resident who went by the name Tatiana Labelle, was “found stuffed in a garbage bin” in March, WEAU reported. A suspect has not been named.

Naomie Skinner, a black “trans woman” from Highland Park, Michigan, was murdered February 12, Fox 2 said. Police charged Michael Cortez Norris, a 26-year-old black man, with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and felony firearm, WDIV reported, after he allegedly shot his partner following a fight.

Tevin Robinson, a 24-year-old black “trans woman” who went by Duval Princess, was shown on security video being shot in a shopping center parking lot in early January, according to CBS 47. Robinson’s family told the news station he “was meeting up with someone he knew.”

Of the 23 highlighted murders, 12 known suspects were black and one was white.

Black Trans Deaths in 2021

Ke’Yahonna Stone, a black “transgender woman” was killed while attempting to break up a fight December 26 in an Indianapolis nightclub parking lot, WISH TV reported. “That’s when someone started shooting, and she got hit,” the news station said. A suspect has not been identified.

Details are few in the December 20 death of Za’niyah Williams, a black “transgender woman” who died in a hit-and-run incident in Houston.

Brandon Murray, known as B or Angel Naira, was shot in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania in November, KDKA said. In 2023, Darnese Darrel Raines, identified in court documents as a black man, was charged with the homicide.

Danyale Johnson, whose Facebook profile included the nickname “Swallowsitall,” was a black “trans woman” who police say was shot November 13 and robbed of his car. The incident took place in a Memphis, Tennessee hotel parking lot around 1:00 am, Fox 13 reported. Police have not arrested a suspect, but the alleged perpetrator appeared to be a black man in surveillance video.

Demarcus Anerio Martin, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Marquiisha Lawrence, was shot in Greenville, South Carolina, was shot “multiple times” on November 5, The State said. Dacorey Dashawn Massey, a 17-year-old black man, was charged with murder.

A black “trans woman” who went by the name Keeva Scatter was killed October 21 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, WNGO reported. No suspect was named.

Jackson, Mississippi police said Melanie Groves, a black “trans man” who went by the name Mel, was shot several times in October, WAPT said. According to WLBT, police didn’t know where Groves was shot, as he drove himself to the hospital and died there. A suspect was not named.

Miami police found 26-year-old Royal Poetical Starz, a black “trans woman” dead in the street October 2, shot several times, CBS Miami reported. In 2022, Duvon Russell Jr., a black man, was arrested and charged with second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Kier Laprice Solomon, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Kier Lapri Kartier, was killed in his car at a Fort Worth apartment complex, where he didn’t live, according to the Daily Beast. A suspect was not identified.

Brianna Hamilton or Brianna Ulmer, a black “trans woman” who also went by the name “Brinasty,” was killed in Chicago September 16, the Windy City Times said. Police have not caught the perpetrator.

A black “trans woman” who went by the name D’isaya Monaee Smith was shot outside a Dolton, Illinois hotel room over Labor Day weekend. The victim’s mother, Latrina Banks, described the crime scene at the Prestige Motel as “gruesome,” NBC 5 reported. A suspect has not been identified.

Shreveport, Louisiana police say 25-year-old Brennan Johnson, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Pooh Johnson, was found dead in a car parked behind a house on August 23, according to KSLA. No suspect was named and the family has accused police of “bias” in the case, the news station said.

CoCo Chanel Wortham, a black “trans woman,” was killed at a Dallas homeless encampment August 7, NBC 5 reported. The news station deliberately refused to report the man’s birth name. Police did not name a suspect, but were searching for a silver car that left the scene.

Shaquil Loftin, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Shai Vanderpump, was allegedly killed by Daniel L. Smith, a black man, NJ 101.5 said. Smith was charged with one count of murder and multiple weapons offenses for the July 31 attack, according to the Trentonian.

Prince George’s County, Maryland police say DeAllen Davonta Price, a black man, killed Taya Ashton, a black “trans woman” on July 17, the Washington Blade reported.

23-year-old Erica Jade Boykin, a black “trans man” who went by the name Novaa Ru Watson, was shot in a Lynchburg, Virginia parking lot June 14, according to WBDJ. Boykin was shot in “broad daylight,” ABC 13 reported. A suspect was not identified.

Tierramarie Lewis, a black “trans woman,” was killed June 12 in Cleveland, Ohio, according to The Buckeye Flame. Police arrested 26-year-old Duane Lunsford, who was identified as a black man in court records.

Deeniquia Dodds, a black “trans woman” who went by the name DeeDee Thomas, was found June 6 decomposing in a New York City dumpster, Oxygen reported. Police said the murder took place in Washington, D.C. and was committed by four black men after a robbery, 27-year-old Shareem Hall, and his brother, Cyheme Hall, 25, along with Jalonta Little, 31, and Monte T. Johnson, 25. All pled guilty to manslaughter charges, the Los Angeles Blade said.

Kenneth Wilson, a black “trans woman” who went by KC was murdered May 30 in Washington, DC. Trans activists blamed “systemic oppression.” No other details were available.

24-year-old Joshua Hollis, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Serenity Hollis, was shot and killed May 8 in Albany, New York, Fox 31 reported. Robert Harvey Jr., a 56-year-old black man, was charged with murder, aggravated assault – firearm, possession of a firearm during the commission of crime and obstruction of law enforcement officers, according to WALB.

Thomas Hardin, a black “trans woman,” was killed May 7 in Chester, South Carolina. 26-year-old Tyler Terry, a black man, was a fugitive and accused of the murder, WIS News said.

Danny Henson, a black “trans woman,” was shot and killed in Baltimore on May 4, Fox 45 reported. Two black men, Cadeem Green and Daqwan Sawyer, were charged with first- and second-degree murder, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Keri Washington, a black “trans woman” was found dead May 1 in a Clearwater, Florida apartment. Arthur Benjamin Jr., a black man who went by Hadeeka Shabazz, faced one count of first-degree murder and confessed, Tampa Bay Times reported.

Dallas police say Jermaine Thomas, a 38-year-old black “trans woman” who went by the name Tiffany Thomas, was found dead at a carwash April 24, according to Dallas Voice. No suspect has been identified.

Darius Fairley, a black “trans woman” who was known as Tiara Banks, was found by Chicago police shot “multiple times” on April 21, WGN said. A suspect has not been named.

Remy Fennell and Jaida Peterson, black “trans women” were killed about two weeks apart in April in different Charlotte, North Carolina hotel rooms. Police arrested Dontarius Long and Joel Brewer, both black men, and charged them with murder and gun-related offenses, WCNC reported. “Investigators believe Fennell and Peterson had been solicited for sex at the time of their killings,” the news site added.

Springfield, Missouri police said black “trans woman” Dominique Lucious was murdered by 28-year-old black man Charles Nelson, KY3 said.

Beaumont, Texas police do not have a suspect in the killing of 24-year-old Aidelen Evans was found dead in the Port Arthur Canal in March, according to Metro Weekly.

Kyree Sanders, a 23-year-old black “trans woman” who went by the name “Diamond Nicole” was found shot in the Clifton neighborhood on March 3, WLWT reported. Police charged Franchez Rivers, 33, and 28-year-old Christopher Hisle, both black men, and black woman Kiara Davis, 29, with the murder, Fox 19 said.

48-year-old Krisinda Bright, a mother who appeared to be white, received a life sentence for killing her black “trans woman” 16-year-old Jeffrey “JJ” Bright, along with “non-binary” sibling in Ambridge, Pennsylvania in February, WTAE reported. It stated Bright, who killed both children with shotgun blasts to the head, struggled with mental illness.

Lenoris H. Marlowe, a black “trans woman” who went by Alexus Braxton and Kimmy Icon Braxton, was murdered in her Miami apartment on February 4. NBC 6 said police were still in search of a suspect.

21-year-old Marquell Wyatt, a black “trans woman” who went by the name Fifty Bandz, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a vehicle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 28, BRproud reported. Police charged 20-year-old Michael Brooks, a black man, with second-degree murder.

Dedontae Jackson, a 30-year-old black “trans woman” who was known as Dominique Jackson, was found inside a crashed car “suffering from a gunshot wound” in Jackson, Mississippi, according to WJTV. He died at the scene. Police arrested and charged Branden McLaurin, a 25-year-old black man, with the killing, WLBT reported.

Bianca “Muffin” Bankz, a black “trans woman” died January 17 after an altercation with an individual who also died in an apparent suicide at the same location, Medium said. The attacker’s name or race were not disclosed.

According to Detroit police, William Patterson, a 37-year-old black “trans woman” who went by the name Natasha Kieanna, was found dead January 12 in a vehicle. Patterson was last seen leaving a motel, Fox 2 reported. There was no named suspect.

Of the 36 highlighted murders, 23 known suspects were black and one was white.

Black Trans Deaths in 2020

The Richmond County, Georgia coroner’s office said 33-year-old Antaun Benjamin Harris, also known at Felycya Harris, was shot and found dead at Meadowbrook Park on Saturday, WRDW reported.

“He was a man, but he lived a life as a woman, cause that’s the feeling that he had within him,” Harris’s mother, Clara Taylor, told Fox 54.

Richmond County police arrested 30-year-old black man Jerrome Tyvone Miller and charged him with murder, according to ABC 6.

In mid-June, Time reported on the death of Riah Milton in Ohio. Despite linking to the sheriff department’s press releases on the investigation, the magazine didn’t provide details about the suspects.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones arrested Kaleb Marshall Tooson, an 18-year-old black man, and charged him with murder, felonious assault, and aggravated robbery, the Journal-News reported.

Police also arrested a 14-year-old girl in connection with the crime. In a press release, the Butler County Sheriff posted a previous mugshot of another suspect, 25-year-old black male Tyree Jeffrey Cross.

Time also highlighted the case of Dominique “Rem’Mie” Fells, who was brutally murdered in Philadelphia.

Police arrested black 36-year-old Akhenaton Jones in connection with the “gruesome murder,” Fox 29 reported.

LGBT activists blamed the killings on “racism.”

“While we’re talking about racism, while we’re talking about the changes that need to be [done] in this country, we need to talk about the hate towards trans people… particularly towards Black trans women,” trans activist Deja Lynn Alvarez told Time.

In 2020, the Human Rights Campaign claimed 21 such people have been killed, with a minority of them being “black.”

Monika Diamond was killed in March in the parking lot of a Charlotte, North Carolina hotel.

Police say Diamond was in the back of an ambulance when 32-year-old Prentice Bess, a black man, shot Diamond “several times in front of police,” LGBTQnation reported.

In May, “black trans woman” Nina Pop was found stabbed to death in Sikeston, Missouri.

An investigation led to the arrest of 40-year-old Joseph B. Cannon, a black man police charged with “second-degree murder and armed criminal action,” according to KFVS.

Black teen Trevone Miller was charged with capital murder in connection with the death of 17-year-old Brayla Stone, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported.

Sherwood police spokesman Richard McNeil told the newspaper “at this time we do not have any indication of evidence” that the crime was motivated by hate or bias.

Angelo Walker, a 20-year-old black man, was charged with the killing of Merci Mack in Dallas, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“A witness to the shooting and anonymous tipsters told police that the dispute between Walker and Richey involved a video she said she was going to share with others of the two of them together,” the paper said, citing an arrest-warrant affidavit.

The warrant alleged Walker chased Mack, whose real last name is Richey, through a parking lot, “then stood over her and shot at her several times while she was on the ground.”

But at a vigil for the victim, Nu Trans Movement CEO Shannon A. Walker said, “We wanted to bring awareness to the community in regards to the problem of Black men killing Black trans women during the Black Lives Matter movement, because the Black community has such a long history of homophobia and transphobia,” according to Dallas Voice.

In two other cases highlighted by HRC, the deaths of Shaki Peters in Louisiana and Bree Black in Florida, police currently do not have suspects. A message left with the St. Helena Parish sheriff was not returned.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony said he has received very little cooperation from “about 100 potential witnesses” to the Black slaying, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Dior H. Ova was allegedly killed by Alpha Diallo, a black man who his attorney said suffered from mental illness, Metro Weekly said.

Kevin Hardy, a black “trans woman” who identified as Queasha Hardy, was killed in Baton Rouge in July. Police have not identified a suspect, according to WBRZ.

Police have not found a suspect in the stabbing of Rocky Rhone, who went by Aja Raquell Rhone-Spears, who was allegedly attacked during a vigil for a murder victim in Oregon, The Oregonia said.

Kendarious Sam, a black “trans woman” who was known as Kee Sam, was killed in Lafayette, Louisiana, KATC reported. Kennon Milstead, a black man, was indicted on second-degree murder charges, KLFY said.

Black “trans woman” Aerrion Burnett was found on the side of the road in Independence, Missouri in September. No suspect has been found, according to Fox 4.

Mia Green, a Philadelphia black “trans woman”, was in the passenger seat, shot, of a car driven by Abdullah El-Amin, a black man, NBC 10 reported. He was found guilty.

Brooklyn DeShauna Smith was killed in Shreveport, Louisiana in October, the Shreveport Times said. A suspect was not identified.

A black “trans woman” who went by the name Angel Haynes, was killed in a Memphis, Tennessee Motel 6, ABC 24 reported. Police have not found a suspect.

Miami police have not identified a suspect in the November 4 slaying of Skylar Heath, Metro Weekly said.

Asia Jynae Foster was killed after “going on a date” in Houstin, Texas in late November, Fox 26 reported. Police were still searching for a suspect.

Richmond, Virginia police arrested Ryejon Lee, a black man, in connection with the murder of Chae’Meshia Simms on November 23, according to CBS 6.

Courtney Eshay Key, a black “trans woman” from Chicago, was killed December 25, the Sun-Times reported. Police arrested William Truss, a black man, who they say picked the victim up for prostitution services and shot her in his car.

Of the 21 highlighted murders, 13 known suspects were black and none were white.

Black Trans Deaths in 2019

In 2019, Human Rights Campaign cited the deaths of 27 individuals, a majority of whom were black.

In January of that year, Dana Martin was found shot in Montgomery, Alabama. As of November, police have not identified a suspect, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. Capt. Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department said there has not been an arrest made.

Ashanti Carmon was killed in Prince George’s County, Maryland in March and to date, police have not named a suspect. Lt. Earl Ivey of the Fairmount Heights Police Department said he is not aware of an arrest in the case.

Cleveland police say Claire Legato was killed by 61-year-old John Booth after Legato’s mother accused Booth of stealing her tax return check and Legato intervened.

“The argument became heated, and the 21-year-old woman confronted Booth, police reports say,” reported. “She went outside and Booth shot her in the head, according to police reports.”

Police did not release a mug shot of Booth, and there was no indication Legato’s gender identity had anything to do with the murder.

In June, Muhlaysia Booker was killed in Dallas. Kendrell Lavar Lyles, a 34-year-old black man, was charged with the murder, ABC News reported.

Michelle “Tamika” Washington was “shot multiple times throughout his body,” CBS 3 reported, and killed in Philadelphia in May. Two days later, police arrested 28-year-old Troy Bailey, a black man, and charged him with murder.

Paris Cameron was among two others who were killed by black 19-year-old Devon Robinson at a Detroit party in May 2019. Prosecutors and police alleged he targeted the victims “for their sexual orientation,” the Detroit News reported upon his conviction.

Human Rights Campaign reported Titi Gulley “was killed” in Portland, but a police investigation determined Gulley committed suicide “by hanging” in a homeless camp, according to Portland Mercury.

“Black Americans are being lynched in America,” Tori Cooper, HRC director of community engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative said on the group’s website.

In June 2019, Chynal Lindsey “died of obvious homicidal violence,” Dallas police announced, NBC 5 reported.

According to the Dallas News, 22-year-old Ruben Alvarado, a Latino man, “exchanged text messages and a phone call with Lindsey in the early morning hours of June 1, the day police found the 26-year-old’s body floating in White Rock Lake.”

The body Chanel Scurlock was found by Robeson County Sheriff’s deputies in a field in Lumberton, North Carolina. A week later, police arrested Javaras Hammonds, a black man, and accused him of “robbing Scurlock, shooting her multiple times and then stealing her car,” according to ABC 11.

“They took my son’s life for nothing,” Scurlock’s mother told the news station. “If you wanted his car, his phone whatever … he was a humble person. You could’ve just done that. You killed my son. You just targeted him. He didn’t have a chance. They shot up his car. He didn’t have a chance.”

In July, 33-year-old Gerardo Thomas, a black man from Baltimore, was arrested for the killing of 23-year-old Zoe Spears, NBC 4 reported.

In July 2019, 41-year-old black male Marcus Lewis “admitted to shooting” Brooklyn Lindsey in Kansas City, Missouri, according to KMBZ radio. Lewis was charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful possession of a firearm after Lindsey was found dead on a porch “shot several times.”

Denali Berries Stuckey was walking towards the Lovey Dovey Club in Charleston, South Carolina when police say 34-year-old Domonick Archield, a black man, stepped out of his car and shot Stuckey “multiple times in the face and upper torso,” WCSC reported. A warrant was issued for Archield’s arrest and he turned himself in. Police charged him with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Houston police said Tracy Single was killed by Single’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Joshua Dominic Bourgeois, a black male, and charged him with murder, according to ABC News.

Mayor Sylvester Turner’s LGBTQ Advisory Board deemed it “anti-trans violence,” without evidence.

Bubba Walker’s body was found in a burned house in September by a Charlotte, North Carolina insurance adjuster, WSOC reported. The home was being renovated at the time. Police have not IDed a suspect. A message sent to the Charlotte police department was not returned.

William Watson, a 17-year-old black male, was charged as an adult in the killing of Kiki Fantroy in Miami.

Via NBC 6:

Fantroy was returning home from a party with a group of people and was propositioned for sex, according to Fantroy’s mother.

Miami-Dade Police say Fantroy rejected the offer from the teen before the juvenile began shooting at another member of the group. The teen allegedly chased down Fantroy before opening fire and shooting Fantroy to death.

Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Doe was found “slumped over the steering wheel of her car in the area of Concord Church and Barnwell roads in Allendale County, according to the State Law Enforcement Division. She had been shot,” the Post and Courier reported. To date, there are no suspects. A message sent to the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division was not returned.

Seventeen-year-old Bailey Reeves was shot in Baltimore on Labor Day, according to the Washington Blade. Police have offered an award of up to $4,000 for information on the killing. The Baltimore police department did not respond to a message seeking new details.

Bee Love Slater was found “burned beyond recognition” in a car near an abandoned home in Clewiston, Florida. Jamson Richemond was initially wanted in connection with the murder, but was later ruled out. Multiple messages were not returned by the Hendry County Sheriff’s Department.

After Slater’s death, the American Medical Association announced violence against “black transgender women” was an “epidemic” nationwide, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Itali Marlowe was killed in Houston on September 20, 2019. In October, police arrested Raymond Donald Williams, a 23-year-old black man, who was living with Marlowe, according to Responding to a shooting call, officers “found the victim on the driveway of the residence,” and Marlowe “had been shot multiple times.”

Details are scarce in the death of Brianna “BB” Hill in Kansas City, Missouri. Hill was killed in October and the suspect “waited for police to arrive after the shooting and was taken into custody,” Fox 4 reported.

Police Capt. Tim Hernandez “said he could not discuss a possible motive but the shooting wasn’t related to Hill being a transgender person.”

Local media did not provide details on the suspect, but the Kansas City Police Department said Allan Robinson, a black male, was arrested and charged with “unlawful use of a weapon.”

Yahira Nesby was shot in New York City in December. Police released surveillance footage of a “a black man wearing all-black clothing with gray-ish sneakers walking down a street,” whom they believed “to be linked to the killing,” The Root reported.

Of the 20 highlighted murders, 12 known suspects were black and one was Latino.