A West Michigan regional school agency has gone fully woke, asking parents for the “sex assigned at birth” and “gender preference” of their 4-year-old preschool children.

A Cedar Springs parent was recently enrolling her child in the Kent County Intermediate School District “Really Great Start Readiness Program” and was presented with the questions.

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“This is messed up,” the parent wrote on Facebook Monday, posting a screenshot of the survey.

Source: Facebook.com

“This is on the registration for preschool for my 4 year old. FOUR YEARS OLD! Not a teenager or an adult but a preschooler,” the parent continued.

“It even has an asterisk which means I’m REQUIRED to answer the question to continue the application. (Only choices are male, female, non-binary).”

“Wtf, This is absolutely ridiculous,” a parent wrote in response. “The only other ‘thing’ she identifies as is someones daughter, sister, friend etc.”

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“Sooooo….my body my choice…..unless you are a child or fetus?” another wrote. “It’s the parents making this choice for the children. There’s NO way a 4 year old can even understand this, let alone make a decision about it. Identifying should be defined as pretending.”