Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) joined “Pride” protesters in Hamtramck Saturday after the city refused to fly the activism flag on city grounds.

The state’s top cop made an appearance at a protest, despite not accusing the city of breaking any laws:

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“I am not an agitator,” she told the crowd. “I am your attorney general. And yes, I am also gay,” she continued to wild applause, as if anyone didn’t already know.

She went on to liken opponents of the flag to “evil”.

“Anyone who accepts evil without protesting against it is one who cooperates with it. And make no mistake: homophobia and transphobia are indeed forms of evil, just as much as islamophobia is,” she claimed.

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She lashed out at the city leadership and blamed them for the controversy, not those violating the community’s sensibilities.

“I ask the City of Hamtramck to tear down the wall of divisiveness they’ve created and raise the flag of equality,” Nessel said, referring to the “pride” flag, not the American flag.

Nessel’s demands come as the city council voted unanimously to not fly the LGBTQMAP+ flag on city property.

The June 13th vote allowed only the American Flag, the State of Michigan Flag, Hamtramck’s city flag, and the Prisoner of War flag, on city property, Fox 2 reported.

Mayor Amer Ghalib said the vote was about “emphasizing the neutrality of civil government and not discriminating against anyone or giving privileges to anyone in the case of raising flags in public.”

Those not content with the city’s actions, nor having an entire month, are now launching “Pride 365,” which is intended to “be a year of civil disobedience, protest, community engagement, and mutual aid here in Hamtramck,’ according to WXYZ.

Nessel has toured the state promoting “pride” events during June. She recently waded into a kerfuffle at WOOD TV, after reporters publicly defied an order from management to provide “balanced” coverage of “pride” events and not allow them to distract from actual news events.

“Thank you for all the amazing employees at WOOD TV who stood up for the LGBTQ community, and risked their jobs to do it,” Nessel posted on Twitter.