A review of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) new “Fight Like Hell” federal PAC finds the majority of the funds came from anonymous so-called ghost donors who gave through left-wing ActBlue.

Whitmer launched the PAC as a foray into federal races, but raised just $171,502 since its high-profile launch in June, a new filing with the Federal Election Commission showed. The governor is attempting to outmaneuver California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in the event President Joe Biden (D) does not run for re-election.

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Of that amount, $99,201.79 came from “ActBlue Technical Services,” a service many liberal candidates and causes use to collect donations. They then receive disbursements that are lumped together, thereby essentially shielding the donor’s identity. The payment service has been accused of processing donations from people without their knowledge.


The remainder of Whitmer’s contributions came from about 50 other donors, and less than half of them were from Michigan. The top were Paul and Wendy Greeney of Traverse City, who gave a combined $50,000, according to the FEC filing.

Gretchen Sisson, a San Francisco-based “sociologist and author who studies abortion and adoption in the United States” contributed $20,000. Sisson’s website says she is working to elect Democratic women, “with the enduring goal of electing a woman to The White House.”

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising contribution came from Fay Beydoun, an Oakland County businesswoman, who gave $5,000.

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Beydoun previously made news when she received a $20 million taxpayer-funded state grant “to attract international startup businesses to Michigan,” the Detroit News reported.

Beydoun filed incorporation papers 10 days after the Legislature approved the large sum last year. She also sits on the executive committee of the Michigan Economic Development Corp., the entity administering the grant. Some 10 months after the expenditure was made, it was still a mystery how it was actually going to be utilized.

As for Whitmer vs. Newsom, the Michigan governor has some catching up to do. Newsom’s PAC reportedly has at least $10 million to influence federal races or boost Newsom’s profile, according to Politico.