Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hosted a panel discussion at Columbia University Monday afternoon and engaged in a several-minute battle with a disruptor who demanded she denounce Joe Biden.

Clinton was moderating “Making Human Rights Come Live” with several thinkers when a man interrupted.

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Video of the incident began when Clinton was quarreling with a man in a ball cap.

“Well, I’m not sorry, sit down and we’re going to let other people talk,” Clinton said as the man continued speaking.

“Can you please make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech?” the man said as Hillary tried to talk to the panelists. “This was a clearly war mongering speech,” the continued, referring to Biden’s call for funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

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“You know, this is not the way to have a conversation,” Clinton interrupted as the man continued. “If you want to have a conversation, you’re welcome to come talk to me afterwards.”

The man was unrelenting. “You’re gonna wait for me, right?” he said.

“I will wait for you and I will listen to you and I will respond to you,” and indignant Clinton replied.

“Respectfully, I do not believe you,” he said.

The argument continued with the man claiming he was just exercising his First Amendment rights.

“It’s not free speech when you are disrupting everybody else’s opportunity to speak,” Hillary said, growing angrier.

“That is not free speech!” and man countered, pointing at Hillary as security personnel did little to end the clash.

As the protester claimed Biden’s actions would lead to World War III, Clinton sarcastically replied, “Oh please!”

After Clinton insisted she was on “Team America” the man countered that it wasn’t football.

“I’ll still meet you outside, but you’re done!” Clinton snapped as the man was escorted out.