Michigan U.S. Rep. John James, (R), explained his downvote for Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House as a response to what he said is Jordan’s apparent lack of support for Michigan priorities.

In a Friday interview with 910 Superstation host Justin Barclay, James said he asked Jordan to support one of his appropriations bills on the record but did not receive it.

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“I asked him to maintain what has already been passed,” James said. “I’ve been here for about nine-10 months, and I’ve been able to get a bill passed I’ve been able to get appropriations through that would boost Michigan’s economy and protect our national security and when I asked for his support on the record he was unable to commit.”

James added: “If he’s willing to commit on the record to not cut defense spending which Michigan relies on, it provides $31 billion to our economy, 4000 businesses rely on defense spending … that’s not good enough for Michigan.”

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He continued: “I need him on the record that he will keep the promises that have already passed….  [T]hese aren’t new, this isn’t a trap.

“He has this in writing from my office and he got it before the first vote.”

He added that his proposed defense appropriations included increasing capacity to build additional fighters, which would result in a $122 million economic boost in this country, including increasing the likelihood of fighter jet manufacturing in Michigan.

“This is not just about selfish, this is also [about] increased jobs, increased economic opportunity, increased security as we’re facing additional threats,” the representative said. “It is also about investing. I got $15 million in hypersonic testing, which would protect us against the Chinese and the Russians,” saying both countries are ahead of the U.S. in hypersonic technology.

“[W]e have people on strike in southeast Michigan because our automotive jobs are going to Mexico and China and our defense jobs and our flying missions are going to Arkansas and Alabama,” James said. “There’s an additional $10 million in funding to bring additional transmission businesses to Michigan and that’s just in the defense approach.”

He also said he’d like to address future constraints on the nation’s combat supply chain, reiterating the U.S. is “falling behind Russians and the Chinese.”

“If we have a speaker who will already keep the promises that I’ve already gotten passed and he couldn’t do that I would be willing to talk to him right now,” he said. “I’ve spoken with him before the first vote before the second vote and I spoke with him yesterday. I’m not an obstructionist, I’m a businessman. I work with anyone especially members of my own party, but I will not sell out my district…. I will not sell my soul for comfort. Duty, honor, country means something to me. Integrity and character means something too.”…

James appears to be in the Never Jordan camp, first voting for Rep. Tom Cole, then former Rep. Candace Miller, and most recently, Rep. Byron Donalds.