Two bills that would require laboratory test cats and dogs to be put up for adoption was introduced in the Michigan Senate by Sens. Kevin Hertel, D-St. Clair Shores, and Dana Polehanki, D-Livonia.

Polehanki previously this year sponsored Senate Bill 479, which mandates payment from taxpayer dollars for abortion services for eligible individuals. This follows a bill introduced in the Michigan Senate in 2022 to assure abortion remained legal in the state.

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On Thursday, Polehanki posted on X (formerly Twitter) a video of Dora, a beagle rescued from a laboratory facility. Above the video, Polehanki wrote: “PLEASE let’s pass Teddy’s Law through the Michigan House! Hundreds of Beagles like Dora are automatically euthanized in Michigan each year after their time in a lab, despite being perfectly adoptable. Teddy’s Law would require they’re put up for adoption.”

“Last year, people from across the country were horrified when we learned about the conditions that 4,000 beagles were facing before they were rescued from a facility in Virginia,” said Sen. Polehanki in a statement. “After the outpouring of concern and support that was expressed for the welfare of these animals, it is clear that Michiganders want to see impactful change. These animals have been through so much and they are more than deserving of a safe and loving home.” 

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Following the 2022 leak of the U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade, Polehanki released a statement: “In the Senate, I’m a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 732, the Reproductive Health Act, that was introduced by my colleague, Sen. Mallory McMorrow from Royal Oak. The bill seeks to codify reproductive rights and access to abortion into state law. Similar legislation has also been introduced in the House.”

Last month, Polehanki sponsored SB 479, which would ensure taxpayer support for “indigent” individuals seeking an abortion.

In part, the bill’s text reads: “An eligible individual may receive abortion services from any provider of the eligible individual’s choice. The department must set and pay to any provider reasonable rates that take account of the prevailing charges and reimbursement rates in the region. No plan offered under the medical assistance program shall impose any cost sharing or case-by-case utilization management or utilization review requirement or limitation.”

Polehanki’s SB 148 mandates annual reporting for laboratories to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Hertel’s SB 149 would require laboratories put up test animals for adoption.