“Tens of thousands” of pro-Hamas protesters flooded downtown Detroit Saturday and repeatedly targeted President Joe Biden during the event.

“Genocide Joe!” was frequently chanted:

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“To Joe Biden…I would call him president, but he doesn’t deserve it,” one speaker said.

“We knew you were bad, but this is a new low,” he continued, arguing Biden is a segregationist and racist.

The protest, called “Detroit Unified Rally & March Ceasefire Now End the Occupation” was organized by several groups, including The Arab American News, Detroit Action, We the People Michigan, and Mothering Justice.

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“Biden, Biden, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!” another chant said.

Organizers said “tens of thousands” turned out to the protest at Hart Plaza and there was a traffic jam on I-94 leading to downtown Detroit caused by thousands from Metro Detroit making their way there.

Watch the full event here: