University of Wisconsin students praised Hamas terrorists during a campus protest Tuesday.

A woman chanted “Glory to the martyrs,” as the crowd, which included several children, refrained, “Glory to the resistance.”

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“We will liberate the land by any means necessary,” she vowed.

“We will liberate the land!” she yelled as the crowd responded, “By any means necessary.”

That claim was echoed by students at the University of Virginia, where Students for Justice in Palestine said it “unequivocally supports Palestinian liberation and the right of colonized people everywhere to resist the occupation of their land by whatever means they deem necessary,” 13 News Now reported.

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Meanwhile, a professor at UCLA offered extra credit to students who participated in an “emergency teach-in on the crisis in Palestine,” which was being by English and Gender Studies professors:

Denison University claimed Israel was to blame for the terrorist attack by Hamas because, “violence does not come from nowhere. Remember the conditions that create the violence. Remember that people fight because they are desperate.”

Northwestern University Students for Justice in Palestine defended the attacks, saying they were “symptomatic of decades-long oppression stemming from subjugation and systematic oppression.”

They said the “war” was unfair because Israel has better weapons, and added Hamas had a “moral imperative” to mount the attack.

“When state entities flout international norms and principles with impunity, the occupied and oppressed have the undeniable right to resist and seek their freedom without stigmatization as instigators and terrorists,” the students said.

Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan newspaper, published an anonymous op-ed blasting Israel, and said other student groups, including the Black Student Union, the Young Democratic Socialists for America and the Graduate Employees’ Organization, and cultural organizations, stand with the Palestinians.