United Auto Workers boss Shawn Fain donned a t-shirt bearing the communist mantra “Eat the Rich” during a broadcast to union members Friday.

While denouncing auto company executives, Fain indicated his strikes would not expand against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis as they entered their fourth week.

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“I’ll tell it to you straight. The billionaires and company executives think U.S. autoworkers are just dumb,” he said. “They think we don’t get it.”

“They look at me and they see some redneck from Indiana,” Fain said. “They look at you and see somebody they would never have over for dinner or let ride on their yacht or fly on their private jet.”

Fain reportedly has a base salary of $200,000 per year.

The union boss’s members praised his rhetoric.

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“I have no doubt about it that our current UAW would definitely put another plant on strike if they felt the need,” Cody Zaremba told WILX. “So it shows that we’re gaining momentum, and we are proceeding very positively.”

Watch Rain’s full statement here: