Virgin Atlantic presented its “Woman of the Year” award to Dylan Mulvaney Wednesday during its Attitude Awards 23 ceremony in London.

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“Some see me as woman of the year,” Mulvaney said at the award ceremony “powered by Jaguar.” “Some see me as woman of a year and some change,” he added.

“I only publicly came out online 560 days ago and some people don’t see me as a woman at all.”

“No matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say or what surgeries I get I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards,” he sniffed.

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“But as long as I have the queer community who sees me for my truth, I’m going to be okay!” Mulvaney added.

He went on to criticize the United States, who he said sees him as “the trans beer girl,” and praised the United Kingdom, who saw him as “just another gal.”

Mulvaney rose to prominence when Bug Light hired him as an influencer in an attempt to increase sales. Instead, the move revolted customers and led to a fall in sales in some markets by as much as 36.9 percent, according to the AP.