Wisconsin state Rep. Dave Considine (D) argued Thursday that parents who oppose boys playing girls’ school sports are just selfish and that those girls just need to try harder.

During a speech before the Assembly, Considine said, “Some parents are concerned that their daughters might miss out on a scholarship. They might miss out on playing for this team or that team. Boy, that doesn’t sound like community, that sounds like selfishness.”

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He apologized for his accusation, but defended it.

Mimicking what he apparently thinks the parents must sound like, Considine said, “‘I’m only worried about myself, I’m not worried about building the team and having my school have a powerful team.'”

According to MacIver News Service, Considine claimed those girls just “need to try harder”:

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The Wisconsin Assembly is considering a bill Thursday that would require student athletes to compete on teams designated for their sex assigned at birth.

The Republican Assembly will likely pass the bill. Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, has “already promised the bills will never become law,” ABC 2 reported.

“We’re going to veto every single one of them (the bills),” referring to another bill that would ban gender transition treatment for minors.