At least one climate activist at a protest in Amsterdam Sunday didn’t appreciate Greta Thunberg infusing her message with pro-Palestinian sympathies.

Wearing a keffiyeh scarf, Thunberg led the crowd in a “No climate justice on occupied land” chant:

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That was too much for one man, who attempted to seize the microphone from the star activist, and temporarily did.

“I came here for a climate demonstration, not a political view,” he said as Greta wrestled with him for control.

“Calm down,” Greta ordered as the crowd jeered the disruptor.

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As the man was forcefully led away off the stage, Greta followed, repeating, “Calm down!”

She then resumed her “No climate justice on occupied land!” chant.

Thunberg took part in a massive rally that organizers claimed had 85,000 attend.