A candidate for Hamtramck city council and current member of the city’s zoning board of appeals is claiming the Holocaust was “God’s advance punishment” for Israel’s “savagery” today.

Nasr Hussain posted in a Facebook group called Hamtramck Square essentially arguing Israel deserved the attack by Hamas October 7.

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Was the holocaust God’s advance punishment of the ‘Chosen People’ for the savagery they’re committing today against the innocent Palestinians children and civilians?” Hussain wrote. “A heinous act proving that they’re as savage and cruel as the Nazis themselves who tormented them, or maybe even worse.”


Hussain included a photo of the train tracks leading into the Nazis’ Auschwitz concentration camp.

The candidate refused to address the post to Fox 2, but continued posting links to news coverage about his statement. Hussain wouldn’t speak to the Detroit News, either.

“Horrific first: to talk about 6 million people killed (compared to) a war going on now … I would hope that imams and religious leaders in the Muslim community would condemn such statements,” Rabbi Asher Lopatin told the paper, adding the comments were “disgusting” and “painful.”

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Hussain is squaring off in Tuesday’s city election against Lynn Blasey and Muhtasin Sadman, and incumbents Mohammed Alsomiri, Nayeem Choudhury and Mohammed Hassan. The top three will be elected to four-year terms.

In this candidate profile video, Hussain said he is active in the Islamic Center of Hamtramck: