An elderly Jewish man was reportedly bludgeoned to death with a bullhorn during a pro-Hamas protest in Los Angeles on Sunday.

A verbal altercation broke out between the man and a pro-Hamas protester, YNetNews reported.

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The man, , identified as 65-year-old Paul Kessler, was seen bloodied, lying on his back on the ground after the attack:

Sources told The Yeshiva World “that the Jewish victim was walking near a demonstration on Westlake Blvd In Ventura County, when an individual participating in the pro-Palestinian protest allegedly struck him in the face with a megaphone. The force of the blow caused the victim to fall to the ground, resulting in a severe head injury.”

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The man was rushed to the hospital where his died, allegedly of a brain hemorrhage.

According to X user Christina Buttons, this was the last photo taken of Kessler before the attack:

The Ventura sheriff’s department arrived shortly after an began interviewing witnesses. No one has been arrested, but Buttons posted a photo of the alleged attacker.

Other video showed the throng of pro-Hamas protesters walking through the street. They could be heard chanting, “Long live Palestine.”