Michigan House Democrats late Wednesday night approved a package of bills to codify abortion law in the state. The bills passed along party lines with Democrats in the majority and include allowing partial-birth abortions.

The subject sparked a heated exchange when the microphone of Rep. Josh Schriver, R-Oxford, was muted while he was opposing the bills from the House floor. Schriver said in a post on the social media site X, formerly Twitter, that he could only complete 10% of his intended presentation before Speaker Pro Tempore Laurie Pohutsky, D-Livonia, “abused her power” by switching off his microphone.

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During the brief time Schriver was allowed to speak, he noted: “When going over these bills I really wanted to focus on what it would do in terms of expansion, and so naturally, I looked into the history, and I discovered over 60 million American babies have died because of abortion since the 1970s.”

Schriver pointed out 60 million is approximately 20% of the current American population, before adding that 1.2 million abortions have been performed in Michigan since 1973, which he said is equal to 12% of current Michigan residents.

“If this bill passes, Michigan will become a destination state for the mass genocide of preborn children,” he said.

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Schriver was referring to Whitmer’s plan to staunch Michigan’s population decline, in part, by focusing on same-sex relationships and abortions.

“I’ve heard it said before abortion is just healthcare. This is not true. This package deserves to be called legalized murder of vulnerable children up until birth.”

At that point, Pohutsky gaveled Schriver, and snapped: “Representative, don’t impugn the motives of your colleagues. This is the only time.” Someone can be heard off-camera instructing Pohutsky to “cut him off.”

After some crosstalk with another chamber member, Pohutsky switched off Schriver’s microphone.

“Madame Speaker, I think it’s important to recognize that anyone that suggests members of this chamber are committing murder is an egregious overstep in their comments, and I would ask that you remind our colleagues on the other side of the aisle that if they’re going to be granted the opportunity to speak to the legislation then they do just that,” commented Speaker of the House Rep. Abraham Aiyash, D-Detroit, immediately after Schriver was silenced.

The bills will be sent to the Democrat-controlled state Senate before advancing to the desk of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has indicated she will sign the legislation into law.