Pro-Hamas protesters turned out bigly in New York City again Friday night.

Video showed hordes of agitators at Columbus Circle in Manhattan before making their way to Grand Central Terminal, where the doors were locked by police, sending them into a rage:

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Here’s another angle:

Other video showed one agitator scaling a lamp post on Lexington Ave. to tear down American flags and replace them with Palestinian flags:

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The crowd responded with a roar. Here’s another angle:


Israeli flags weren’t spared, either.

A mob on Park Avenue at East 51st Street used alcohol from hand sanitizer to ignite an Israel flag to chants of “Allahu Akbar”:

The mob made their way past a Starbucks where they taunted a patron:

The man came outside onto the street where the mob heckled him. When he went back into the store, a woman yelled, “Go inside, bitch!” and said to “kill yourself.”

Earlier in the night, a woman was reduced to tears by the angry mob at Columbus circle:

“Cry, you Zionist motherf**ker,” one agitator demanded.