It was a O Holy (War) Night for pro-Hamas protesters in Ypsilanti, Michigan Sunday as they disrupted a community Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Video showed dozens of pro-Hamas protesters on the edge of the ceremony, drowning out a children’s choir that was attempting to perform for attendees.

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It was a clash of cultures as families sought to continue the community tradition and the pro-Hamas malcontents chanted “America is a terrorist state” and were as loud and obnoxious as possible:

As the protester banged on drums and chanted, there was a countdown to light the tree.

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“We will never vote for Genocide Joe!” they yelled.

At the conclusion, attendees were invited to stay for cookies and cider. Santa was waiting at that location.

“We’re sure glad you came to one of the more interesting tree lightings we’ve ever had,” the emcee said as people filed out of the city park.

The agitators weren’t content just disrupting the tree lighting. They followed the crowd to the venue where there was a concert and treats and continued to bang their drums, shout in the bullhorn and drown out the children.

“Feel good about ruining Christmas for little kids?” a man asked, growing more irritated as the antics went on.

“Why are you f***ing it up for a bunch of little kids?” a woman demanded to know. The continued disrupting.

Police eventually got the leftist agitators out of the building with a minor confrontation:

Their leader then crowed about their work.

“I think we made the point. We came here, we disrupted the event, we canceled Christmas, so give it up for yourselves,” he said.

Watch the full livestream here.

On Saturday, pro-Palestinian protesters confronted Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) at her home in a residential Lansing neighborhood Saturday night, chanting in the dark and demanding she come out.

“1, 2, 3, 4, Whitmer come open the door,” the pro-Hamas agitators chanted. “5, 6, 7, 8, America is a terrorist state.”

It’s not clear if Whitmer was home at the time. She frequently travels the country raising campaign money and plotting for her future political aspirations. She was also talking up the Michigan-Ohio State game, which was played in Ann Arbor earlier in the day.

“Whitmer, Whitmer, we’re outside. We charge you with genocide!” they chanted.

“Can we sing ‘ceasefire now?'” they wondered as they attempted to reach Whitmer on the call box.

“Yeah, why not? But nicely!”

When no on answered, the group chanted an encore of, “Whitmer, Whitmer, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!”