Harvard University students tore down a giant America flag as a protester speaker talked about apartheid during the latest on-campus protest Monday.

A student could be seen giving the flag the middle finger as the crowd roared with approval:

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“When we were fighting South African apartheid, that’s what we did,” the speaker said as the crowd cheered. He said they put up the African National Congress flag in its place!”

After the flag was torn down, students could be heard chanting, “There is only one solution. Intifada revolution!”

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In 2021, Harvard University was one of the top recipients of federal funds.

College Values Online reported the university received the 10th highest amount of any U.S. university, $625 million, an increase over the previous year.

Harvard President Claudine Gay has fumbled public responses as antisemitic students celebrated the October 7 Hamas attacks on civilians.

“I condemn antisemitism in all forms and it has no place at Harvard,” she said recently.

She has not yet condemned the latest protest against Israel and America.