Two referendums scheduled for voting on Thursday were canceled by the University of Michigan.

The voting on two UM Central Student Government Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions referendums was canceled after members of the Students for Justice in Palestine improperly accessed the university’s listserv and used it to send an email to the entire UM student body.

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On Wednesday morning, UM reported, an unauthorized email urging students to vote for the referendums was sent “at the request of a graduate student.” The university determined the email constituted “an inappropriate use of the University’s email system and a significant violation of Standard Practice Guide 601.07. That communication irreparably tainted the voting process for these two resolutions.”

Opponents labeled the referendums and support of the BDS agenda as anti-Semitic.

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All undergraduate and graduate students would have been allowed to vote on the referendums, AR 13-26 and AR 13-25, which, in part, called for UM to conduct an investigation of human rights abuses by Israel, including accusations of genocide, to determine whether the university should divest the portion of its $18 billion endowment from companies conducting business with Israel.