Video released Tuesday showed Border Patrol agents using a forklift to raise concertina wire installed by the state of Texas to continue the flow of illegal aliens across the southern border.

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“This huge caravan of around 300 migrants crossed into Eagle Pass thanks to Border Patrol lifting the barbed wire. Hundreds of migrants crossed in a few minutes,” Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González reported.

“Somehow, these large groups of migrants are informed about the place and time when the forklifts raise the barbed wire to cross in groups.”

The state of Texas installed the concertina wire because the Biden administration is doing so little to stem the record tide of illegals making their way into the U.S.

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The forklift method came after a federal judge on Monday temporarily barred the Biden administration from removing the wire.

“Chief U.S. District Court Judge Alia Moses blocked federal officials from removing, scrapping, disassembling or encumbering concertina wire that Texas state authorities assembled near the border town of Eagle Pass to impede the passage of migrants entering the country illegally,” according to CBS News.

Texas filed suit after “Border Patrol agents were cutting its razor wire to facilitate the entry of migrants into the U.S.”

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas wouldn’t say if he knew whether terrorists could be gaining entry illegally to America via the southern border.

“Can you say that Hamas, Hezbollah, or other Iran-backed terrorists are not in the U.S. currently after possibly illegally crossing our southern border?” U.S. Sen. Rick Scott asked.

Mayorkas evaded the question, saying they are “a priority of ours.”