Southgate, Michigan police say a man entered a Taco Bell on Eureka Road and threatened to kill the workers there after he was told he had to place his order at a computer touch screen.

An employee told police a man, approximately 20 years old and wearing a hoodie and white Jordan shoes, “was all mad that he had to order his food through the kiosk system” at 3:20 p.m. on November 12, the Oakland Press reported.

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The man allegedly demanded someone take his order and when he was told to use the kiosk, he “threatened bodily harm to employees.”

“You all gonna die — you all gonna die!” he reportedly yelled to the entire staff after walking behind the counter. He then left in a silver Volkswagen, according to the Times-Herald. A worker recorded the suspect’s vehicle on her cell phone, the paper reported.

It did not indicate if the man had been apprehended. Workers told police he did not show a weapon.