On Wednesday, U.S. legislators narrowly passed by a mostly partisan vote House Resolution 4468, otherwise known as the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales Act.

Michigan Democratic representatives, including Elissa Slotkin and Hillary Scholten, voted unanimously against the bill, while every Republican representative from the Great Lakes State voted in favor. The bill passed by a vote of 221-197, with only five Democrats voting for the bill and 15 representatives – four Republicans and 11 Democrats – not voting at all.

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HR 4468 was sponsored by Michigan Rep. Tim Walberg, a Republican, who introduced the bill with Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., last July.

“The passage of the CARS Act is a massive victory for every consumer and the entire American auto industry,” Walberg told Fox News Digital. “Biden’s mandate has always been unrealistic, and a textbook study on how central planning and Bidenomics simply do not work. Mandating EVs has never been a responsible or affordable solution.”

Walberg and Clyde drafted the legislation in response to regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in April. Those regulations would raise significantly tailpipe emissions standards for gasoline vehicles. Additionally, the CARS Act blocks any regulation or technology mandate that would result in limiting consumer choices when purchasing a vehicle.

“Americans should always have the option to buy whatever car suits them the best and the House has taken a massive step toward ensuring that opportunity still exists,” he added.

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The Biden administration noted the proposed EPA rules would increase electric vehicle adoption by 67% for new sedan, crossover, SUV and light truck purchases and an estimated 50% of bus and garbage truck purchases by 2032.

“Auto Innovators does not believe [the proposed standards] can be met without substantially increasing the cost of vehicles, reducing consumer choice, and disadvantaging major portions of the United States population,” Alliance for Automotive Innovation CDO John Bozzella said in a statement.

“Taken together, the proposed GHG (greenhouse gas) and criteria pollutant standards are so stringent as to set a de facto BEV (battery electric vehicle) mandate,” he added.

In a phone interview with The Midwesterner, National Republican Congressional Committee Midwest Press Secretary Mike Marinella celebrated the House’s passage of the CARS Act. He warned the push for quick adoption of EVs would increase U.S. automakers’ reliance on Chinese battery technology.

Marinella also singled out Michigan Democratic legislator Rep. Hillary Scholten for voting against the CARS Act.

“Hillary Scholten would rather Americans turn over their keys to China than allow Americans the freedom to choose,” Marinella said. “Scholten cares more about their radical climate ideology than her own constituents.”

Other Michigan Democratic Representatives who voted against the CARS Act are Dale Kildee, Debbie Dingell, Elissa Slotkin, Haley Stevens, Shri Thanedar, and Rashida Tlaib.