Grand Valley State University is taking a giant leap towards cultural progressivism by constructing “the first all-gender, multi-stall restrooms” on campus.

A source sent this photo to The Midwesterner showing a flyer posted in the Kirkhof Center Monday that included a rendering of the completed construction:

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“The Kirkhof Center is excited to house the first all-gender, multi-stall restrooms at GVSU!” the notice read, while adding “single-gender restrooms are available” still.

The all-gender bathrooms are the school’s latest creep toward wokeism.

In February, the university hosted a raunchy “Sex Education Week”.

The week kicked off Monday with a “Peaches and Cream” event hosted at a facility named for the prestigious DeVos family, a well-known community benefactor and staple in Republican politics and socially conservative causes. Betsy DeVos served as Trump’s education secretary.

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The Peaches and Cream Socials were billed as events to “get some vanilla ice cream, peach rings, and swag!”

But the Urban Dictionary definition of the event name is much bawdier. One is, “sex and crack. having sex with a fine woman (Georgia Peach) and indulging in crack cocaine; also known as ice cream.” Another is, “When you put a Peach gummy ring over your penis and let your mate suck until you splooge. Making a delicious peaches n cream snack.”

An event later that night, titled, “What Is Sex?” taught students about “polyamory,” that is, multiple sexual relationships, and covered the various forms:

Students also learned about Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism, or BDSM:

The presenter also discussed fetishes and kinks, and singled out a “crush fetish,” which involves “being stomped”:

A portion of the presentation covered what transgenders call their genitals:

During “Talk Sex(y) To Me Tuesday,” students learned “What We Wish Sex Ed Taught Us,” and covered, “lube, virginity, pleasure, communication, and more!,” according to the event’s website.

On Wednesday, the university hosted a “Sex Ed Resource Fair.” Ottawa County provided free condoms and other “goodies,” while a sex toy shop, called Naughty & Nice, had “demo products, coupons and giveaways.” That night, there was a “Kinky Karaoke & Cupcakes,” which was billed as, “a night of fun with sex-related songs and condom cupcakes.”

Naughty & Nice returned Thursday to offer a sex toy demonstration during “Add It To The Mix.”

“Join us for an event where we learn about sex toys, strap-ons, and how assistive devices are fun and may be necessary for various populations,” the event listing said, and emphasized the sexual needs of those who are disabled.

That evening highlighted “LGBTQ+ Health,” where students learned “openly about gender, sexuality, affirming language, barrier methods, how to prepare for a sexual health clinic visit, and more.”

On “Frisky Friday,” students challenged a sex educator to trivia.

Resources provided by organizers of the week refer not to men and women, but “Vulva Owners” and “Penis Owners.”

“Use the terms ‘people with penises’ or ‘vulva-owners’ instead of saying men and women, since not all people who have a penis or vagina will identify as a man or woman,” it says, further instructing students to, “Introduce yourself with your pronouns and ask other people for theirs.” Event listings identify all speakers with their preferred pronouns.

Grand Valley State University joins a growing trend of colleges hosting explicit events in the name of education.

Last year, Fox News reported universities from Maryland, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, and California hosted similar events.