A Seattle teacher has drawn scrutiny for a litany of allegations — including shaming a student for identifying as straight and giving him a failing grade for asserting only women can get pregnant on a quiz.

Ian Golash took to social media recently and espoused a range of his personal views. Golash, who teaches ethnic studies world history to sophomores at Chief Sealth High School, espoused his views on policing, communism, the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict and gender and sexual identity issues in a series of Facebook posts.

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“Yes, I believe that ‘all cops are bastards,’” Golash, who is chair of Chief Sealth’s social studies department, wrote in one post. “This is a political statement. It makes no condemnation of any person that chooses to be a police officer. It speaks of the institution of law enforcement.”

On the topic of the Middle East conflict, Golash wrote, “Yes, I believe that resistance against colonialism — and yes I believe Israel is a colonial state — and all forms of oppression is justified. People who are being oppressed get to decide what forms of resistance works best for them, not me or anyone else — especially not the oppressors.”

Espousing his embrace of communism, Golash wrote, “I understand and accept (Karl) Marx’s critique of capital. I believe that working people, everyday people, can run society better than billionaires.”

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Golash’s wide-ranging controversial comments come on the heels of a series of complaints from a parent of a student enrolled in his ethnic studies world history class this school year.

Most recently, Golash allegedly told the student it was “offensive” to identify as straight, according to a report from the New York Post. The allegation states Golash prefaced his remarks by asserting the opposite of straight is “crooked.”

Earlier in January, the mother of the student anonymously shared her concerns about the curriculum in Golash’s classroom, and the manner he was delivering it, with “The Jason Rantz Show,” on KTTH-AM, a Seattle-based radio station.

“Mr. Golash has introduced many controversial topics into the classroom and instead of inviting open, constructive and truthful conversations, he provides biased resources that only aid in pushing his own ideological agendas,” the mother shared in an email on the program.

Previously, the mother filed a complaint against Golash for giving her son a failing grade when he labeled two statements as true — one being that “all men have penises,” the other that “only women can get pregnant.”

In explaining his injection of social identities and other hot-button topics into his curriculum, Golash in one Facebook post wrote, “Yes, I believe that conversations around controversial issues can sometimes be messy and even harmful but that they still need to be had.”