Past and present Republican legislators representing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula unanimously endorsed Donald Trump for re-election Friday.

“It has always been abundantly clear to me that the voters of the Upper Peninsula overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020,” state Sen. Ed McBroom said. “It is time to stand beside one-another and speak with one united voice. Trump will be our nominee, and it is imperative that we replace President Biden.”

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McBroom is significant, as he questioned the veracity of some of Trump’s claims about the 2020 election and publicly drew Trump’s ire.

“The policies of the last 3 years cannot continue,” state Rep. Greg Markkanen said in a joint press release. “We have seen lawlessness and previously unimaginable horrors at our southern border long-enough. A country without a border cannot survive forever, and the person who is best able to put an end to it is Donald Trump.”

State Rep. Dave Prestin said, “Since taking office, Biden has presided over the worst economy since Jimmy Carter. He canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, ended drilling contracts that would have kept us energy independent, destroyed the value of the American dollar, and is pushing extreme energy policies that will result in rolling blackouts and higher rates. Yoopers can’t afford four more years of Bidenomics.”

“When Trump was president, our world was a safer place. Trump halted the steady stream of illegal immigration from Mexico, secured peace treaties in the Middle East, and negotiated an end to hostilities in Afghanistan,” former state Rep. Beau LaFave said, who was succeeded by Prestin. “Biden, on the other hand, has allowed fentanyl and criminals to flow unimpeded across the border, abandoned our allies in Afghanistan to the privations of terrorists, and sent pallets of cash to Iran that funded the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

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“At home and abroad, things were undeniably better under Trump,” former state Rep. Matt Huuki said in the joint release. “Russia and China didn’t dare seize territory, the border was closed, unemployment was the lowest in history, we could afford to feed our families, and heat our homes. This election could not be more clear: we can continue the downhill slide of the Biden Administration, or we can Make America Great Again!”

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, who represents the entire U.P., endorsed Trump last year, according to The Hill.

Donald Trump Jr. attended a rally in October 2020 in Calumet.

“They run with, ‘It’s blue collar Joe,’” Trump Jr. said to the audience at the Houghton County Memorial Airport, TV 6 reported. “Do me a favor, let’s drop the blue collar Joe stuff, media. In all fairness, I’m the son of a billionaire from Manhattan and I’ve had more blue collar jobs than Joe Biden.”