A Central Florida mother has been advertising her business on her vehicle for about two years, but the oversized decal is now becoming a problem for parents at the Christian school her children attend.

A source told the New York Post one student was expelled from Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares for looking up the web address of the advertisement on his phone: OnlyFans.com/PiperFawn.

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“She can do what she want on her own time,” said parent Lexy Thomas, a TikTok influencer campaigning to keep 35-year-old Michelle Cline’s SUV away from students. “I have no problem with that. But we’re talking about a school and kids seeing this. That’s a different issue.”

“We have enough things to worry about as parents, enough damaging things we do our best to shield our kids from,” another unidentified parent told the Post. “Now I have to look at it in the drop-off area and have my kids ask what this site is. At a Christian school.”

Cline, 35, acknowledged to WFTV she produces sexually explicit content with her husband on OnlyFans, clearing up to $20,000 per month, and uses her SUV to promote her site, where she goes by the name Piper Fawn. The couple are open about Cline’s occupation with their children, who are not exposed to her videos recorded outside the family’s home.

“My husband and I had this, you know, behind closed doors lifestyle that we’ve now decided to share,” she said.

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The situation, with mounting complaints from parents to school officials, prompted administrators to give Cline an ultimatum: remove the decal, or drop your kids off across the street and keep the vehicle off campus.

“I was forced to have to take it off or not come on campus,” she said.

“That seems like an easy thing to say, for sure,” Cline told WFTV. “For me, it supports my family. This provides a very comfortable way of life for us, and it’s legal. I pay taxes just like everyone else. I didn’t break the law, I just offended people.”

Thomas has a different perspective.

“That’s a distraction to my children,” she told the news site. “No matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that’s the first thing they’re seeing when they’re going into a place that should be educating them.”

Some parents are now pushing for school officials to expel Cline’s three children, despite her willingness to comply with the school’s drop-off request.

“I don’t think it’s right,” she told the Post. “People are going to be offended by all sorts of things, different bumper stickers, whatever. But at the end of the day, this is something that supports my family.”

Cline said she has no plans to transfer her children to a public school, fearing they may face more taunts from their classmates than they already have.

“If there’s an issue at school, we tell them to ignore it, not to talk about it,” she said. “We’ve communicated that with them.”

Resisting efforts by offended parents to push the kids out of Liberty Christian is “teaching them a good lesson,” she told the Post. “I’m teaching them to stand up for themselves.”