According to Grand New Party PAC member Shane Trejo, the Grand New Party PAC was organized in 2022 to “support America first conservatives in the Republican Party in primary elections and to support candidates who embody the best values of the Republican Party and trying to push the Republican Party in a more conservative America-first populist direction.”

Trejo said the Nulls will tell their sides of the story, and the repercussions both brothers experience presently because of the government allegations against them.

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He continued: “We’ll also talk about the ways that we need to fight back and go on the offensive to expose people responsible for these horrific stories of people whose lives are being destroyed by the system. We want to change hearts and minds rather than just trying to sweep these events under the rug for political expediency.”

Trejo added: “We’ve been in existence for almost a year and a half now and we’ve been doing everything that we can to help out grassroots organizations and actually move the needle in races that are important. If there’s a county commissioner school board member who is being attacked by the liberal establishment,” he added as an example, “we want to make sure that people know that we’ll be in their corner if they stand strong and do the right thing and stand up for our Constitutional freedoms.”

For tickets and additional details, visit the event’s Facebook page.