Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Office of Global Michigan” is looking for resident volunteers to house illegal aliens in their homes and integrate them into society.

ABC 12 reports Whitmer’s administration is seeking volunteers to do several tasks, including, “meeting the person or family at the airport, helping find housing, enroll children in school, and help with finding employment for adults.”

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The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development says residents who participate must make a 90-day commitment to apparently meet every migrant need.

“Programs like the Welcome Corps advance the Office of Global Michigan’s mission to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our immigrant, refugee and ethnic communities,” Poppy Hernandez, Global Michigan Director and Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, said in a statement. “Expanded refugee resettlement pathways empower more Michiganders to support our state’s growing refugee population and build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for all.”

Potential migrant candidates are of Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan or Venezuelan nationality, according to the Whitmer agency.

In a similar program, a Boston woman took in a Haitian family and scored her own personal chef in the deal.

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Lisa Hillenbran welcomed the family into her apartment and they do chores and cooking.

“It’s a delight and it’s really fun having them,” Hillenbran told NBC 10. “What I realized is there’s so much prejudice against refugees, mostly because people don’t know them.”

According to NBC 10, Hillenbran says “she feels she has her own personal chef”.

The migrants have their work permits, have been taking English classes, and hope to open a restaurant.

“They are hardworking, they want to learn, they want to be successful and I feel great helping and I get to understand the refugee crisis from the inside,” Hillenbran said.

As for Michigan, the Office of Global Michigan says residents can donate to a charity called Children’s Foundation to help the influx of migrants coming into the state.

“Your donation will be directed to the Refugee and Humanitarian Parolee Resettlement Fund to help support newcomers with housing, legal services, interpretation support, education services and support to K-12 children,” according to the Whitmer agency.

It is unclear how many migrants are being located to Michigan, but one Whitmer appointee recently said if it wasn’t for illegals, the state’s population would be shrinking.