James Craig, so-called “frontrunner” for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, raised a meager $60,546.18 so far and “has spent half of it,” according to MIRS News.

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Craig, the former Detroit police chief who repeatedly touts polls showing him in the lead among Republicans and even narrowly beating anointed Democrat candidate Elissa Slotkin, recently indicated in a campaign email that his organization is virtually running on fumes:

“I don’t know what to say but this could be the last email of my campaign,” he wrote January 29.

“Each month, my teams sets fundraising goals in order to keep the lights on for my campaign. Unfortunately, each and every month, we keep falling short of these goals.”

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While some thought the email was a hair-on-fire fundraising gimmick, it apparently was an honest communication.

The lack of funds could spell a doom more humiliating than the crash-and-burn of his failed gubernatorial bid after he hired alleged fraudsters to collect petition signatures. Because Craig is raising so little money, it’s doubtful he’ll be able to hire anyone to assist with gathering a minimum of 15,000 valid signatures to appear on the August primary ballot.

Craig has been absent on the campaign trail so far, raising more questions about the sincerity of his effort.

By comparison, at this point in the 2022 campaign, Craig had $845,970 cash-on-hand, according to Mlive.