More than 50 Michigan legislators want former President Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again!”

“Ahead of the February 27th GOP Presidential Primary Election, more than 50 leaders in the Michigan Legislature have officially endorsed Donald J. Trump for President,” according to a Valentine’s Day email from the Trump campaign.

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The list includes 12 out of 18 Republican senators, and 39 out of 54 Republican representatives.

Listed among supporters are state House Republican Leader Matt Hall, Richland Twp.; House Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus, Cannon Twp.; state Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, Porter Twp.; and Senate Republican Floor Leader Dan Lauwers, Brockway Twp.

Several previously endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in his failed bid against Trump.

Other legislative leaders in the upper chamber backing the Don include Assistant Republican Leader Rick Outman, Six Lakes; Republican Caucus Chairman Kevin Daley, Lum; Assistant Republican Chairman Jim Runestad, White Lake; and Republican Whip Roger Victory,  Hudsonville.

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In the lower chamber, the Trump endorsements came in from across the state, including Republican Rep. Jamie Thompson, representing Monroe and Wayne counties, to Reps. Cam Cavitt and Neil Friske, who represent the tip of the mitten.

All Republican lawmakers representing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula already endorsed Trump’s re-election efforts in January.

“The policies of the last 3 years cannot continue,” Rep. Greg Markkanen, a Republican in his third term representing six counties above the Mackinac Bridge, said in a statement last month. Markkanen was not included in the list emailed on Wednesday.

“We have seen lawlessness and previously unimaginable horrors at our southern border long enough,” he said. “A country without a border cannot survive forever, and the person who is best able to put an end to it is Donald Trump.”

Sen. Ed McBroom, whose district covers a dozen of the UP’s 15 counties, also endorsed Trump despite questioning some of the former president’s claims about the 2020 election.

“It’s always been abundantly clear to me that the voters of the Upper Peninsula overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020,” McBroom said. “It is time to stand beside one another and speak with one united voice. Trump will be our nominee, and it is imperative that we replace President Biden.”

Michigan Republicans seem to agree, with all polls over the last year showing Trump with a double digit lead over all other Republican presidential candidates, according to the polling site 538.

The most recent poll of 666 likely Republican primary voters conducted by Morning Consult Jan. 23 to Feb. 4 showed Trump with support from 79%, compared to 19% that back former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

All general election polls between Trump and President Biden conducted in Michigan since November also give Trump the advantage, with the exception of one poll by Target Insyght. The most recent Bloomberg poll conducted by Morning Consult puts Trump up 5% on Biden, 47% to 42%.

Senators listed in Wednesday’s email also include Joseph Bellino, Jon Bumstead, Roger Hauck, Michele Hoitenga, and Jonathan Lindsey.

Representatives also included Greg Alexander, Joseph Aragona, Andrew Beeler, Brian BeGole, Robert Bezotte, Matthew Bierlein, Ann Bollin, Ken Borton, William Bruck, Steve Carra, Jay DeBoyer, James DeSana, Joseph Fox, Alicia St. Germaine, Phil Green, Jamie Greene, Mike Harris, Mike Hoadley, Gina Johnsen, Thomas Kunse, Sarah Lightner, Matt Maddock, Luke Meerman, Jerry Neyer, David Prestin, Angela Riga, John Roth, Bill Schutte, Josh Schriver, Rachelle Smit, Jamie Thompson, Pauline Wendzel, Douglas Wozniak and Dale Zorn.