“Unbiased,” “non-partisan” Michigan reporters Chad Livengood, Craig Mauger, and Susan Demas took to Twitter Wednesday to opine about The Midwesterner’s coverage of the Democrat presidential primary the day before.

Livengood, the politics editor of the Detroit News, had this puzzling take after The Midwesterner reported over 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” instead of for incumbent President Joe Biden: “From the congregation that believes governors control the global economy, there’s this analysis from the pulpit.”

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Craig Mauger, who breathlessly covers every machination of the Michigan Republican Party, tweeted, “Quite a take.”

Susan Demas, the dame of leftist propaganda at Michigan Advance, falsely claimed The Midwesterner is “the Tudor Dixon-run outlet”.

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a co-chair of Biden’s re-election campaign, battled a campaign called “Listen 2 Michigan,” which sought to punish Biden with “uncommitted” votes for his response to the Israel-Hamas war.

“A second Trump term would be devastating not just on fundamental rights not just on our democracy here at home but also when it comes to foreign policy. This is a man who promoted a Muslim ban,” Whitmer claimed on CNN, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Governor Whitmer could instead use her platform to align with the majority of Democrats who support a ceasefire and an end to Biden’s funding of Israel’s horrific war in Gaza,” Listen 2 Michigan responded.

Whitmer took the lead on pushing Biden’s candidacy and attempting to blunt the impact of the “uncommitted” campaign, including posting selfie videos and making appearances:

As of early Wednesday morning, with 98 percent of votes counted, “uncommitted” had 100,960, or 13.3 percent.

Biden’s certified margin of victory in 2020 was about 154,000 votes.