Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. challenged President Joe Biden to debate to provide his cognitive abilities after the 82-year-old incumbent committed a series of embarrassing mental blunders this week.

Kennedy rallied supporters in Grand Rapids Saturday afternoon and spoke to reporters following the packed appearance.

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After being asked about Biden’s performance during his high-profile press appearance defending his mishandling of classified documents, Kennedy said, “I think the issue has been raised, and I don’t think it’s character assassination to challenge the president to come out and debate to show the American public that he has the cognitive capacity to do this very, very difficult job.

“This is a job that requires a lot of complexity, a lot of nuance, a lot of very, very difficult decisions. He is the man that might get a phone call at 3 o’clock in the morning that your children and my children are depending on his answering it in a way in response to complexities,” Kennedy said.

“We have a right as the American people to know that our president is actually leading the country and somebody else is not,” he continued, arguing “special interests in Washington, D.C.” want a president “with cognitive deficits.”

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“It enlarges their power,” he said.

“I think it’s really important for Americans to understand and for the president to show Americans with unscripted encounters with voters but also through a debate that he actually is capable of handling this job,” Kennedy said.

According to the Special Counsel’s report, Biden couldn’t remember significant moments of his life, including when he son died and the years he served as vice president.

When Kennedy was asked what he hoped would happen if he was in that position, he said, “I would hope my family would say it’s time to enjoy retirement.”