Some Democrats want to “Abandon Biden,” while others want the president to “Listen to Michigan” in regards to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

While the two groups are distinct, they share the goal of pressuring President Biden into demanding a ceasefire. Democrats fear the higher than anticipated number of  “uncommitted” votes in the Democratic primaries doesn’t bode well for Biden’s reelection efforts in November.

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On Monday, Listen to Michigan took its campaign national, setting its sights next on the April 2 primary in Wisconsin, a key Midwestern swing state where Biden’s 2020 victory was the slimmest at 20,682 votes.

About 100,000 Michigan Democrats voted “uncommitted” last month – about 10 times the number predicted by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Biden’s Michigan campaign co-chair.

“Michigan led with courage that has inspired the uncommitted movement coast to coast with over 500,000 uncommitted voters,” Michigan organizer Lexi Zeidan said at a press conference on Monday. “As we launch the Uncommitted National Movement, we send yet another resounding message that this pressure will continue to be sustained, that you cannot weaponized fear of Trump against the very real actions of Biden.”

The message is one that’s resonating across the U.S., Al Jazeera reports.

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Following an “eight-day, mad-dash effort” to organize an “uncommitted” campaign for Minnesota’s March 5 primary, 19% of Democratic voters cast “uncommitted” ballots, or about 46,000 people. Other sizeable numbers of uncommitted votes have come in Hawaii, Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts.

So far, at least 20 delegates will be heading to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago with no obligation to cast their lot with Biden. They include two delegates from Michigan, seven from Hawaii, and 11 from Minnesota.

Former Biden campaign staffers are now working to increase that number before the August convention, though it likely will have no bearing on Biden’s nomination.

“As a Palestinian American, a longtime organizer in Milwaukee, and as the formal digital organizing director of Biden’s 2020 Wisconsin campaign, I led the way for Biden’s victory when he won here by only 20,000 votes,” Heba Mohammad, with Listen to Wisconsin, told reporters.

“As people of conscience and pro-democracy, pro-peace, pro-justice voters, we are going to use this primary to call for an end to the genocide right now.”

It’s the same message the Abandon Biden movement is trumpeting across Lake Michigan, with supporters at a recent State of the Union watch party vowing to increase numbers closer to Biden’s 154,000 vote margin of victory in 2020.

During a Biden campaign stop in Michigan last week, Abandon Biden co-chair Khalid Turaani held a press conference to label the president a war criminal.

“I think Joe Biden’s total failure to address the humanitarian crisis, the genocide that is going on in Gaza, is really a war crime,” he said, according to NBC News. “In a perfect world, I think Joe Biden will be among Benjamin Netanyahu in The Hague.”

Like Listen to Michigan, the Abandon Biden movement is taking its message to other states including Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, sending a message to the White House that it’s call for a ceasefire or no vote come November.

“If you want to bet on brushing off this movement, good luck in November,” Turaani said. “We want to make sure Joe Biden is going to be a one-term president, and we’ll make sure that his loss will be coupled with a disgrace of the genocide in Gaza.”

Unlike Abandon Biden, the Uncommitted National Movement spawned by Listen to Michigan told Al Jazeera it may eventually back Biden.

“Once (Biden) has called for a permanent ceasefire, then we can talk about November,” said Michigan organizer Abbas Alawieh. “Until then, the level of pain that our community is experiencing is so excruciating that it is inappropriate to come and ask us for our votes in November while the blood is still being shed.”

James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute in Washington, D.C., summarized the situation for Al Jazeera.

“We are losing – as we see in the polls – a percentage of Black, Latino, Asian and young voters because of Gaza, and because they have other issues that we’re not addressing,” he said, noting the Democratic Party has drifted from “bread-and-butter, household and community-based issues.”

“If you lose two-thirds of the Arab vote, that’s one thing. That’ll only kill you in Michigan,” Zogby said. “But if you lose 5-10% of these minority voters or young voters nationally, then you’re dead in the water.”