On Sunday, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf called on U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, to follow-up on the sheriff’s investigation of electronic voting machines used in Michigan’s state, local, and national election in 2020.

“My office has come into possession of evidence that foreign nationals have accessed electronic voting machines in Michigan and other states,” Leaf’s letter states. “This evidence demonstrates that electronic voting machines and electronic election systems used for elections in Michigan and throughout the United States are not secure and an immediate investigation is needed by Congress.”

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On Monday, the Detroit News reported Leaf released over “2,100 pages of emails of Dominion Voting Systems” on X, formerly Twitter. The newspaper was unable to confirm whether Leaf personally controlled the social media account. The newspaper reported Dominion alleges Leaf obtained Dominion’s internal email messages by improperly breaching a court order. The intercepted emails are marked “confidential,” according to the News.

“I have evidence in my file of Serbian foreign nationals entering our election system while the votes were being counted, and prior to certification,” Leaf’s letter continues. “The election vendor, Dominion, hired these Serbian employees and disclosed in emails that they are not able to provide backgrounds on these individuals due to law in Serbia. In has only been a mere 25 years since conflict involving Serbia. Therefore, the United States has allowed a scenario where potentially Serbian military criminals are running our elections and remotely entering our election equipment,” Leaf wrote.

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Dominion has retaliated against previous claims there existed improprieties with their electronic voting systems. For example, Fox News settled a defamation suit with Dominion for $787.5 million. Dominion is currently suing Patrick Byrne for defamation over his claims Dominion software compromised the integrity of the 2o20 election. The Detroit News reported that Byrne’s attorney Patricia Lambert has been working closely with Leaf.

Leaf called “false assurances” federal and state agency claims “that our elections were secure and not compromised through remote network access or otherwise.”

The sheriff also said he is in possession of “evidence that U.S. Dominion and its affiliates (Dominion) instructed its employees to alter or otherwise falsify the integrity of the software and hardware in its voting machines and systems to attain certification by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), even when they knew that the systems could not be properly verified and certified.”

Leaf continued: “Additionally, I have evidence that the voting machines and systems are vulnerable to alteration and manipulation, i.e., interference, by the use of thumb drives and external devices that can be surreptitiously connected to voting machines before, during, and after elections.”

Leaf said his office is investigating Dominion on several charges, including conspiracy, wire services fraud, honest services fraud, and perjury related to testimony to the Michigan Legislature by Dominion’s CEO that the company was U.S. based and its equipment inaccessible to outside networks.