A poll published by CNN shows Donald Trump leading incumbent rival Joe Biden by 8 percentage points in the battleground state of Michigan.

According to the CNN survey, conducted by SSRS, Trump leads Biden 50 percent to 42 percent — an 8-point margin — among a random sample of 1,097 registered voters.

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The poll found a dead heat in Pennsylvania with Biden doing well in his traditional support groups, but “In Michigan, though, women split about evenly, Biden’s margin among voters of color is narrower and he trails Trump by significant margins among independents and young voters. In both states, Biden holds on to about 9 in 10 of his self-described 2020 supporters, while Trump keeps slightly more of his own 2020 voters.”

The poll suggests a 4-way race would hurt Trump’s support, though he still comes out ahead:

A hypothetical four-way matchup including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Cornel West in addition to Trump and Biden suggests significant support for Kennedy in both states. In Pennsylvania, 40% choose Trump, 38% Biden, 16% Kennedy and 4% West, while in Michigan, it stands at 40% Trump, 34% Biden, 18% Kennedy and 4% West.

Coverage of the poll on the channel added color to the state of panic:

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“These Michigan numbers — these are not good for the incumbent president,” Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten said.

“At no point during the (2020) campaign was there a single poll that met CNN’s standards for publication in which Donald Trump led Joe Biden.