Enbridge lobbed its latest volley at Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s most recent attempt to move her case against the Canadian oil company from federal court to state court.

The AG has dedicated much of her past six years in office to shutting down the dual Line 5 pipeline that has traversed the floor of the Straits of Mackinac for nearly 71 years. She is joined in her crusade by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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On Thursday, Nessel’s office presented oral arguments in the Sixth Circuit Court seeking to move the case to a state court.

“We are here today for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to hear arguments on whether to send this case back to state court where it belongs or keep it in federal court where Enbridge wants it,” Nessel said. “As Michigan’s Attorney General, I will always fight to protect the Great Lakes from the threat of pollution caused by those who put their own profits above our priceless natural resources. Ultimately, this is a Michigan case brought under Michigan law by Michigan’s chief law enforcement officer on behalf of the People of the State to protect our Great Lakes. It belongs in a Michigan court.”

Enbridge has been actively engaged in seeking the necessary permits to remove Line 5 to a $500 million tunnel that would be constructed 100 feet below the lakebed at the company’s expense, which the AG and Whitmer administration have also attempted to stymie. The pipeline transports 540,000 barrels of petrochemicals beneath the Straits each day.

“We are confident that ultimately the Sixth Circuit Court will agree with the lower court’s decisions from August 2022 and November 2021 that this dispute—which has generated a U.S. foreign policy controversy—properly belongs in federal court,” the statement from Enbridge said.

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In its August 2022 decision, the Sixth Circuit declared: “Considering the motion in the proper context and totality, the Court again points to the important federal interests at stake in having this dispute heard in federal court.” Additionally, the court noted it “will not accept the State’s invitation to undermine its previous decision and perpetuate a forum battle.”

The Court of Appeals last July granted the AG permission to appeal, which prompted Enbridge to state: “In her appeal, the Attorney General continues to seek to undermine these considerations and promote gamesmanship and forum shopping, while ignoring the substantial federal issues that are properly decided in federal court and not state court”