An Ohio father faces multiple criminal charges after he attempted to confront local officials about how his son’s homework overload was cutting into quality time at home.

“Basically the parent didn’t like that his child was getting homework, so he decided he was going to call the school, and call the school repeatedly over and over again,” Oxford Police Detective Sgt. Adam Price told WXIX.

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The criminal complaint alleges 37-year-old Adam Sizemore threatened Kramer Elementary School Principal Jason Merz when he told him late last month “he better put his big boy pants on.”

“Principal Merz stated that he believed Sizemore’s behavior was erratic and that he believed Sizemore would come to the school and cause him harm,” Oxford Officer Shelly Sikora wrote in the complaint.

“Adam Sizemore had previously been ordered by myself and school staff not to call the school line due to his repeated verbal abuse and vulgar language directed at school staff,” Sikora wrote.

School officials eventually blocked the father’s calls, and police allege that prompted Sizemore to direct his frustrations to the Oxford police.

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“You’ve got a little bit of an ass chewing coming because of your employees. You know, the ones I pay for,” Sizemore allegedly said in a voicemail left for Chief John Jones.

The father became increasingly frustrated when the chief did not return his calls, and demanded to speak with him directly. Dispatchers instead repeatedly directed Sizemore to the chief’s voicemail.

“Leave a voicemail if he doesn’t answer,” a dispatcher said in a call aired by WILX.

“I’m being very nice,” Sizemore responded.

“Well then come in to the police department and we’ll call the chief in and you can talk to him in person,” the dispatcher said.

“No! He can come to my f**king house!” Sizemore said. “I pay for him. He can come to my house.”

Price told the media Sizemore called Oxford police about 18 times before dispatchers sent officers to his home. The chief never called him back, WILX reports.

“That ultimately ended when we took him into custody for telecommunications harassment as well as a menacing charge,” he said.

Sizemore now faces two first-degree misdemeanor telecommunications harassment changes, along with a fourth-degree misdemeanor for menacing, according to Inside Edition.

Court records show the incident occurred on Feb. 29, with charges filed on March 4.

Sizemore is scheduled for a hearing in the case on March 28 before Judge Robert Lyons.

The criminal case is one of several filed against Sizemore in recent years, including a conviction for disorderly conduct in December 2021, a conviction for menacing in January 2022, and assault and disorderly conduct charges in November 2022.

Sizemore also had his driver’s license suspended in June 2023, when he was found guilty of drunken driving stemming from an arrest in November 2022, according to court records.

He was ordered by the court to attend anger management classes and complete a year of probation as a result of his January 2022 menacing conviction, eventually satisfying those requirements in June 2023, records show.