Green Charter Township in Mecosta County is striking a legal blow against Mecosta County, Ferris State University, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempts to impose the Chinese-owned, taxpayer-subsidized, Gotion electric vehicle battery plant in Big Rapids.

The Township’s new Supervisor Jason Kruse dropped a legal bombshell on the above-named parties at Thursday night’s Mecosta Planning Commission meeting. Kruse presented a letter from Green Charter Township’s attorneys in which they filed a complaint for preliminary injunction and permanent injunction against Mecosta County and the Mecosta County Planning Commission.

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The letter presented by Kruse requests a court order to not only block Gotion’s site plan and request for zoning approval, it also seeks to legally prevent the County from moving forward with the processing of Gotion’s application.

“Alternatively, the Township respectfully asks that the County and the County Planning Commission voluntarily agree to stop processing Gotion’s application(s) because the Township will have an Interim Zoning Ordinance in effect before the County Planning Commission is able to complete a full review of Gotion’s site plans, environmental studies, etc.,” the letter from the law firm Bauckham, Thall, Seeber, Kaufman & Koches, P.C. reads.

The letter states the recently inaugurated Green Charter Township Planning Commission, which will become effectively active on April 27 of this year, will have final zoning and planning control over the Gotion project.

“As such, the Township Board has authorized our firm to file a complaint for a preliminary injunction and permanent injunction against the County and the County Planning Commission, asking that the court enjoin the County Planning Commission from processing Gotion’s application,” the Green Charter Township attorneys wrote.

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The letter cites the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act as legal precedent for Green Charter Township “to take control over planning and zoning, and will work quickly to establish a Township planning commission, implement an Interim Zoning Ordinance pursuant to MCL 125.3404, and subsequently adopt a Master Plan to map the Township’s future. The Township has already begun to engage professional planning consultants to assist in this process. Additionally, the Township has appointed a Planning Committee who meets bi-weekly to discuss the parameters and implementation of an Interim Zoning Ordinance, with the assistance of a professional planner.”

Finally, the township’s attorneys assert: “Practically speaking, all parties should want to avoid the costs of an unnecessary litigation because the Township unequivocally exercised its statutory authority to create a Planning Commission and re-takes zoning control, which it has every right to do.”

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the Michigan-China Economic and Security Review Group stated:

“Green Township already has set in motion a planning commission which will take effect on 27 April 2024, exercising its authority over the zoning and planning of the Gotion project. This means that Green Township will have its zoning ordinance in place on an interim basis regulating Gotion before Mecosta County is able to do anything, as its Planning Commission is holding its first special meeting on May 1 to review the plan. All of this said, this is good news for the citizens of Green Township, where the civic order was ruptured by government and business elites, and civic order is now being restored. Nothing can be taken for granted. The fight continues.”