Hamtramck, Michigan is honoring its now-dominant heritage by renaming a street “Palestine Avenue.”

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“It’s 100% to show support. There’s no harm to it,” Councilman Khalil Refai told Fox 2. “We’re showing our support in Hamtramck and the county of Wayne.”

Hamtramck — once an enclave for Polish immigrants — is now home to the second largest Arab population, after Dearborn.

“Everybody down south loves it and are showing support for Palestine,” Refai said. “In the end, we’re showing support for the Palestinian people, nothing else.”

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“As a Muslim, I absolutely support the Palestinian people,” Hamtramck resident Fayaz told the news station. “And I support Palestine.”

The signs went up this week, but a resolution narrowly passed 4-3 in December, according to CBS.

“The Mayor and City Council acknowledge the profound impact of the recent and ongoing events in Gaza resulting in the loss of almost 20,000 people since October 7, 2023 comprising mostly of completely innocent women and children,” it said.

“The community wishes to express solidarity and compassion towards those affected by the tragedy.”

The resolution didn’t acknowledge the terrorist attack by Hamas that led to the Israeli response.