President Joe Biden’s stop in Michigan on Thursday came with some sobering news: the president continues to trail former President Donald Trump in the Great Lakes State less than eight months before Election Day.

As Biden practiced his putting in Saginaw for his second trip to Michigan in the last two months, Quinnipiac University poll released a survey of 1,487 of the state’s registered voters that found 48% plan to vote for Trump, compared to 45% who expect to cast their ballot for Biden. Only about 8% were undecided.

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When third-party candidates were added to the mix, things got worse for the president.

Biden loses to Trump 41% to 36% in a five way race that includes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with 10%, the Green Party’s Jill Stein at 4%, and Independent Cornel West at 3%. Undecideds were at 5%.

While Quinnipiac deemed the head-to-head matchup – with its 2.5% margin of error – “too close to call,” Trump dominated in several demographics, including independents and young voters. With independents, Trump led 46% to Biden’s 42%, while only 28% of 18-34 year olds viewed Biden as “favorable.”

Trump’s support among young voters was 11% better, with 39% backing The Don.

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“With a big electoral prize hanging in the balance and their parties equally enthusiastic about their candidates, Biden and Trump brace for a combative rematch,” said Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University Polling analyst.

The poll showed Republicans back Trump 94%-5%, while Democrats back Biden 93%-5%.

Biden’s struggles in Michigan may have factored in to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to ditch the president’s campaign stops on Thursday, opting instead to brew beer 150 miles away in Kalamazoo.

Donning a blue blazer and leather skirt, the president’s campaign co-chair touted her special “Governor’s Whitbier” at Bell’s Brewery, where she urged her followers on X to “raise a glass to Michigan’s breweries!”

In Saginaw, Biden stopped in at a local public golf course to practice his putts with a black father and his 13-year-old son, before a second stop at the home of city councilman Bill Ostash and school board member Kevin Rooker. What Biden discussed with the two gay men is unclear, as the media was shielded from the conversation.

The Quinnipiac poll this week is only the latest to show Biden trailing Trump in Michigan, with another from EPIC-MRA last month at 45% to 41%, with 14% undecided and a 4% margin of error. Of the dozen polls conducted this year, all but two have shown Trump tied with or leading Biden.

“It points to a potential Trump win unless things dramatically change,” Bernie Porn, pollster for EPIC-MRA in Lansing, told the Detroit Free Press last month. “[Biden is] at a point where, before long, he’s got to start moving numbers in his direction.”

The news site explained the EPIC-MRA poll reflects “that Biden’s refusal to heed calls, especially among younger, more progressive Democrats and Michigan’s large Arab American and Muslim communities, to demand an Israeli end to deadly counterattacks in the Gaza Strip, appears to be playing a role in his support or lack thereof – a situation which could potentially cost him a vital swing state Trump won in 2016 before Biden recaptured it for Democrats four years ago.”

The observation came a week before about 100,000 Michigan Democrats voted “uncommitted” in the primary to register their frustrations with that issue – 10 times the number Whitmer predicted as she campaigned for the president. The state’s “Abandon Biden” movement, led by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit, vowed to push that number closer to Biden’s 154,000 vote margin of victory over Trump in 2020 after the president neglected to call for a ceasefire during his State of the Union address.

Biden’s visit to Michigan this week further enraged the “Abandon Biden” movement as the president neglected to meet with any Arab or Muslim leaders, who held a news conference in Saginaw to promote their effort.

“I voted for Biden; I had a Biden sign in my front yard, actually. And I am now the co-chair of the Abandon Biden campaign. So is that on me, or is that on Joe Biden?” Khalid Turaani said, according to NBC News. “I think Joe Biden’s total failure to address the humanitarian crisis, the genocide that is going on in Gaza, is really a war crime. I mean, it really is a war crime. In a perfect world, I think Joe Biden will be among Benjamin Netanyahu in The Hague.”

Turaani pointed to the growing movement in Michigan and other battleground states like Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, reiterating that it’s call for a ceasefire or no vote come November.

“If you want to bet on brushing off this movement, good luck in November,” he said. “We want to make sure Joe Biden is going to be a one-term president, and we’ll make sure that his loss will be coupled with a disgrace of the genocide in Gaza.”