At least one member of the Michigan House of Representatives wants to censure Speaker Joe Tate, D-Detroit, the latest move in a series of stunts aimed at highlighting the state’s “racist budget.”

Republican Rep. Steve Carra, R-Three Rivers, reportedly held a press conference on Tuesday morning to introduce a resolution to censure Tate over what Carra describes as a “racist budget” approved by the legislature last summer.

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WILX reports the press conference was scheduled for the Anderson Office Building, though it was not covered by the media or posted online. A staffer with Carra’s office said he would eventually post a video and press release to his Facebook page. No resolutions on censuring the speakers were listed on the legislative website by late afternoon Tuesday.

Carra recently camped out for days in front of Tate’s office to demand an apology for the budget that he contends provides government benefits and privileges for certain racial groups at the expense of others.

Carra’s grievance centers mostly on section 1017 of the budget that offers $10 million in taxpayer funded grants to minority-owned businesses and nonprofits.

The Grand New Party Carra launched in 2022 to “restore the Republican Party to what it’s supposed to be” previously outlined other spending the lawmaker finds offensive, as well.

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“Last year’s budget allocated taxpayer dollars to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research, paid a $218,000 salary for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator (MDOT), funded a $2.9 million affirmative action giveaway to a Minority Farmers’ Fund as well as allocated $10 million worth of grants for minority only Small-Business Owners,” according to The Grand New Party website.

Carra contends the budget conflicts with House Resolution 191, approved by all members of the House minus five Republicans earlier this month, to “denounce the espousal of racist, xenophobic, white Supremacist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic language by members” in the lower chamber. The resolution followed a social media post by Rep. Josh Schriver, R-Oxford, about demographic replacement in America and across the world that prompted Tate to strip the lawmaker of a committee assignment and other benefits.

“I will not allow the Michigan House of Representatives to be a forum for the proliferation of racist, hateful and bigoted speech,” Tate said in a statement about Schriver’s social media post cited by the Detroit Free Press. “The House of Representatives is the people’s house, and all Michiganders should look upon this body and take pride in how we conduct ourselves.”

“Given that the Michigan House of Representatives … passed House Resolution 191 denouncing the ‘espousal of racist, xenophobic, white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic language by members of his chamber,’ the people of Michigan deserve to know – among other sections, was section 1017 of last year’s budget (HB4437) simply an oversight for the 61 legislators who voted in favor of the budget, or was it something they felt appropriate?” Carra questioned earlier this month.

“Passing a resolution denouncing racism when the legislature voted for racism goes beyond hypocrisy and wasting taxpayer dollars; it is weaponizing tax dollars against the individual, in order to benefit particular classes of people, based on their skin color,” he said.

“I’m opposed to the government picking winners and losers, including but not limited to, based on the color of a person’s skin.”

The Grand New Party PAC has labeled Republicans who voted to approve the budget as “budget traitors.”