President Joe Biden was being ushered into a clubhouse at a Saginaw, Michigan golf course Thursday when he was clocked by the opening door.

Video showed Biden standing under umbrellas held by two black men when a reporter asked a question. One of the men put his arm around Biden to move him farther away from the reporters. As Biden was attempting to navigate the doorway, it hit him in the head.

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Biden made two subdued stops in Saginaw, first to putt golf balls with the father and his son:

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“President Biden and the Colemans putted together inside the clubhouse and talked about golf, faith, their family, and their hopes for the future. Both President Biden and HJ sunk their putts,” according to the White House pool report.

He later appeared on the front porch of two gay men and addressed a handful of organizers:

Reporters were kept away from the funeral-like event and out of earshot of the conversation, according to this video:

A rumored Biden replacement — Gretchen Whitmer — was making beer in a blue blazer and black leather skirt 150 miles away:

Today, I rolled up my sleeves to help Bell’s brew a special ‘Governor’s Whitbier’ made from Michigan-grown hops and peaches,” Whitmer posted on X. “Brewers like Bell’s are what makes us the Great Beer State, so let’s raise a glass to Michigan’s breweries!”

Biden is struggling in the state, according to recent polling.

A new Quinnipiac poll of Michigan 18-34 year olds found Biden suffering just a 28 percent approval rating and a 62 percent disapproval rating. Trump is found more favorably by the age demographic.