A global warming protest group called Climate Defiance crashed West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s event at the Harvard Kennedy School on Friday.

A montage video posted by the group bragged, “We just called Joe Manchin a sick f*ck,” adding, “We humiliated him”.

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One clip showed Machin sitting at a table while a young punk declared, “You sold our futures and got rich doing it, you sick f*ck.”

That provoked Manchin to stand up and confront the agitator, but an aide or security agent stepped in and threw the man through the doorway. The clip quickly ended and went to another malcontent who refused to sit down and talk to Manchin, instead locking arms with several other protesters concealing their faces with surgical masks.

“You drive a Maserati,” one woman sniffed.

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“Protect our futures, not your profits,” they chanted.

Another elderly protester stood over Manchin and lectured him about coal mines.

We held firm. Barbaric murderer, hideous fiend, he torches humanity and laughs,” Climate Defiance declared.

It’s the latest examples of leftists turning on each other, though Manchin’s days in the Senate are limited. He recently announced his retirement.

Republicans hope to flip the Democrat’s seat as a step towards regaining the majority.

The most recent poll — from November — found Republican Gov. Jim Justice leading Democrat Congressman Alex Mooney 55.7 percent to 19.9 percent, Metro News reported.